No Longer Apologizing

I am me. All of me. The good, the bad, the ugly. Mostly good. At least, I try. It is disheartening when you find out that you try and try and try and do and do and do for people who are one way in front of you and start on you the moment you... Continue Reading →

Family Dinner

The most important thing to us is family. We love hard. Fight hard. Defend hard. We all live in the same small town and we speak daily either by text, phone calls or FaceTime. Not all of us actually "speak" to every single one of us daily, however, we know we are thought of and... Continue Reading →

The Shannon Special ~ Pool Side

It is pouring the rain here today. I would love to be hanging out pool side sipping on what we have coined - the Shannon Special.  A little bit of ice, a couple of lime wedges squeezed in and a Michelob Ultra. Refreshing and delicious! A friend of ours introduced these to us one evening... Continue Reading →


So this evening, I had a revelation. I realized that I don't post a lot of what I'm thinking, doing or experiencing because my photos aren't what some would call "professional".  So my thought is, WHO CARES! I'm me. I like what I like and I like this time in my life and if I... Continue Reading →

~ Lemon Blueberry Cake ~

  GW & I had a small dinner party for some of our closest friends to celebrate a new position DW has taken with another company. You can't have a celebration without a fabulous dessert. So, a Lemon Blueberry Cake was in order! The first thing that I do in the morning of the day... Continue Reading →

Oreo Truffles - a favorite of my oldest niece. I mainly make them at Christmas time (or let's be honest - whenever she asks). Beautiful and sweet just like her. Here is all you need: 1 package of Oreos (I use the regular not double stuffed) 1 package of cream cheese (softened) 3 squares of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Shopping

What do you buy the people in your life who have everything they need - PRAISE JESUS  - and get whatever else they want when they want it?  My parents are the most generous parents you'll ever meet (except yours I'm sure 😉). I always say I'll never live long enough to pay them back... Continue Reading →

Three Weeks Without Facebook

November 20, 2015; I deactivated my Facebook account. My husband and I were headed out of town to get a start on our Christmas shopping and I decided that I wasn't fully in the moment with my family at times because I would have my phone out checking Facebook. GW said it was a habit... Continue Reading →

Impromptu Football Game

Ok - we are headed to my nephew's championship football game after a day of pre birthday celebrations for my daughter and I'm not dressed for 46 degree weather! More like a nice restaurant and wine weather!  Nothing I wouldn't do for my family! Let's go Rebels! #3 

Reflecting on Friendship

As I approach my 26th year graduating from high school, I watched my daughter graduate from 5th grade. Many friends this year have watched their children graduate from high school. The invitations have lined up the counter awaiting congratulation funds to be inserted and delivered. One friend posted a photo of us on Facebook with... Continue Reading →

Small Town Thursday Night

I have lived in this small town my entire life. Except for the two times I left which wasn't over 45 minutes away each time so does that really count? This evening we were invited to see the movie Do You Believe? along with many others. In the theater, I spotted my grade school principal.... Continue Reading →

A Little Target Practice

After church this morning, GW and I headed to the Gun Club that he, my brother and Dad belong to for a little target practice. I hadn't shot since Christmas morning trying out my Christmas gift from GW a Springfield XDS 9mm.   I believe in my 2nd Amendment right that so many have forged... Continue Reading →

Springing Forward

It has been so cold the last month. No complaints though! I love the change of seasons (Spring & Fall are my favorite). It was -22 a week ago and 58 today! Sitting here with the moon roof open waiting to pick up the Princess from school.

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