Small Town Thursday Night

I have lived in this small town my entire life. Except for the two times I left which wasn’t over 45 minutes away each time so does that really count? This evening we were invited to see the movie Do You Believe? along with many others. In the theater, I spotted my grade school principal. It has been several years since I last saw him.

As we were leaving, I knew I needed to say hello. I could tell he didn’t remember my name at first (can’t even imagine how many children he has read the names of in his lifetime). We talked for a little while then explained he has some memory issues due to his health and said at the same time ~ I have memory problems but I remember you. I don’t know how I do, but I do. What an amazing moment. I introduced him to my daughter and husband and he told my husband ~ you have a good wife. My goodness….

Sometimes I sit and wonder just what have I done to put a mark on this earth besides giving birth to an amazing daughter. Then I have a moment in time like tonight. Maybe, just maybe, my mark is being the good person I was raised to be. No headline news about me. And that is okay as I am a memory to man who has issues with his memory.

~ Paula

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