Living A Life Of Excellence

For the past twenty-one days, I have been on a fast through my church.  I gave up Facebook completely and totally those days along with a couple of other things.  Facebook, at first, was the hardest to go without.  I found it to be more of a habit than anything.  I use FB to keep up with family and friends whom I do not get to see on a regular basis and I also use it to promote my Thirty-One business.  I didn’t sell much for those 21 days, however, I know that God will provide and He has!

I listen to Joel Osteen every single night as I go to sleep. One of my favorite podcasts of his is, HAVE A SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE.  I’ve really tried to step up my game.  I’ve always taken pride in my appearance.  My Daddy has always said, “What you do and how you look reflects on me.”  And it’s true.  We reflect how we were raised I believe.  Even at 41, I think ~ would this be suitable if I see my parents today?

I’ve been joked about because I iron my jeans.  I personally do not care for the creases after they have been in the closet for a few days.   So why not iron them while ironing the rest of my outfit?  Excellence.  I use to think, why make the bed when I’m getting back in it.  Now I can’t stand it if it isn’t made.  Sorry Momma, I’m sure you wish I would’ve come to this conclusion when I lived at home.  Excellence. Occasionally, I will leave the dishes until morning.  That too now bothers me.  I have to at least run them through the dishwasher then unload in the morning. Excellence.  The checkbook, oh my the checkbook.  GW and I came to the conclusion that he was going to take this chore over.  He tried.  It ended up being almost the same amount of work for me so I have it again.  I am doing so much better at keeping it balanced!  Instead of wondering where receipts have gone.  Excellence.  Little things add up.  Laundry ~ who doesn’t have a pile of laundry??  However, folding and putting the piles away as one does them ~ Excellence.  Clean out your purse or wallet ~ Excellence.  Laying out GW’s clothes each evening after he has worked 12 hours and has been gone from the house over 14 hours in the day.  Excellence.  Sorting the mail when it is brought in and placed in the to-be-paid folder, trash or burn bin.  Excellence.

So many other things I’ve been working on to become excellent (not perfect mind you NO ONE is perfect!) just more excellent.  I feel more calm.  And I can see my family feeling it too. So by not being on FB for those 21 days, I found much more valuable ways to spend my time.  My goal is to continue to limit my time on FB and continue with ~ Excellence.

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