All of my life, I have been naturally thin.  That was until I had Miss M.  I am by no means overweight. I am, however, out of shape.  I never had to watch what I ate.  I never had to worry about working out. Even thin, I was out of shape.  I couldn’t run up the stairs without being out of breath or my legs hurting.  Not good.  Not good at all.

A long-time friend of mine moved back to town and asked me to join our local gym with her.  NO EXCUSES NOW I SAY!  I am the type of person who will not go into a restaurant to eat by themselves or go to the movies by themselves.  I will walk by myself that is about it.  I’d rather stay home first.  I actually went into the facility this day and started on the bike and treadmill while waiting on my friend to arrive.  SCORE ONE FOR ME!  I am so much more secure with myself and have really come to the realization no one cares as much as I thought they did!  I can remember a time that I wouldn’t have graced a gym without full makeup on.  HAHA!  Not this day!  A little bit of concealer, pulled my hair back and away I went!  SCORE TWO FOR ME!  I found too that having my earbuds in took away my thoughts of the burning and aching as I worked the elliptical machine.  Goal ~ get through AT LEAST two songs!  Thank you Jake Owen (EIGHT SECOND RIDE) & Christina Aguilera (FIGHTER)!  I am going to work on a workout playlist this day for tomorrow.

I want to be healthier!  I want my lungs & heart to love me and not try to kill me when I want to play in the yard!  I will be 42 (my favorite number by the way) in June and I want people to continue to say ~ no way you’re 42!  I have been blessed with fabulous genes and I want to take full advantage of that.  I have also been blessed with a family history of heart disease, diabetes & high cholesterol which I want to keep far, far away!  So here is to ME & my health!  If I look even more fabulous at 42 that won’t be so bad either.  Have a blessed day!

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