1st Day of 2nd Grade

What an amazing journey it has been to this day.  7 years ago today (also my favorite Aunt’s birthday) my little baby girl took her first steps.  And today my baby started 2nd grade and is extremely excited about being there.  She went to bed wiggling and giggling about how excited she was for this day.  Praise Jesus for her excitement!  She looked absolutely precious this morning in her new outfit.  So grown up. 

We started a new tradition since we have started the new house.  I had her stand out on the front make shift porch to get photos and did a little video blurb about what grade she’s in and what she is looking forward to. 

She called her Mawmaw like she does every morning on her way to school.  She walked to the door holding her Daddy’s hand and then she wanted Momma.  Then her Pappy called her Daddy’s phone to tell her to have a great day.  It was cute because she took the call in private away from everyone in class because you’re not suppose to be on a cell phone in class let alone 2nd grade.  Haha.  So loved.  Pappy also took all of us to dinner last night to celebrate back-to-school.  We had a great evening. 


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