Monday ~ Really?? I guess when I awoke I thought it was Monday haha!

Good morning! As soon as your feet touch the ground, give thanks. Just say thank you over and over. God didn’t have to wake you this morning but He did. Start your day with positive thoughts. You can’t have a negative thought and a positive one at the same time so why not have a positive one! It’ll change your whole lookout on the day! So what if it’s Monday! You have to have a Monday to get to Friday!

Thank you JESUS my hearing works so I could hear my alarm, thank You my legs and feet work so I can arise from bed, thank You I can see, thank You for water for a shower and the clean clothes I’m about to put on, thank You for my health, my family, my work just to name a few. Amen,

Enjoy your Monday/Tuesday 😘 XOXO

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