Saturday in the Big City

Decided to go to Columbus this morning to pick up a new planner.

  Who drives 2 hours for that? I do!

And I had 3 months of my wine club from Cooper’s Hawk waiting on me too!
Max & Erma’s for lunch – yum!

A stop at American Girl of course! I hadn’t experienced the ringing of the bell when a little girl got her first AG doll. The cashier got everyone’s attention then said – today (the little girl’s name) is getting her first AG doll. On the count of three, everyone say – Friends Forever! 1-2-3 FRIENDS FOREVER! I honestly got choked up. How precious it was to join in on the excitement of a little girl and her first AG doll. The bell and ceremony happened four times in just the little bit of time we were in there!

No trip to Easton is complete without Cheryl’s Cookies!

And I finally found black and white Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels!

A quick stop to see my best friend/sister. Starbucks then the 2 hour trip home. Miss M read to me from the book she got from Barnes & Noble. Precious time and memories made this day.

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