What’s for dinner?

Hey friend ~ may I be honest with you for a quick moment??

I am so thankful to be back to work as it was rudely interrupted in March. #coronavirussucks My extended summer break was nice and a blur – where the heck did summer go anyway?? My pool didn’t reach my desired temperature until July and when I say my desired temperature I mean anything above 88 degrees. Yes – I like my pool extremely warm. I do not like to be cold. I like sizzling days and warm pools. I relax just fine in a warm pool with the breeze blowing and the music flowing. I spent the summer in my pool by myself except for one day when my friend and neighbor came down to float one afternoon. GW was laying flooring in the pub as we floated. Neither one of us realized just how flaming hot it was outside until we got out of the pool to look at the flooring. GW is a badass.

I digress –

What I haven’t mastered in my days back to full time work would be – nightly dinners. I work in a school system and home before 4 pm. which is super nice!!! However, I struggle with what to have for dinner and on the island by 6:30 pm when the GW lands from work. He doesn’t expect it but by damn he get its. 

I don’t recall when I went rogue with dinners that aren’t super simple – GW said – I don’t need a gourmet meal every evening. Well – if you follow me on instagram you know that dinner one night last week was anything other than gourmet. Frozen Red Baron pizza at 10:00 pm while watching Yellowstone. MA has been at her Mawmaw’s for over a week – GOOD FOR HER!!! – and I have fixed things that she eats but isn’t a huge fan of for GW and myself – like my lasagna – she will eat it but it isn’t a request from her when I asked what would you like for dinner this week.

So my question is this – WHAT DO YOU MAKE FOR DINNER WHEN YOU WORK ???

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