Me Weekend ~ Me Time

I have spent this entire weekend alone doing whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. I even took an evening to do nothing at all but veg out, watch every episode of Season 5 of Grace & Frankie on Netflix and drink Dark Horse Rosé wine. I have been afforded all of this “down” time as Miss M told us on Wednesday that she made plans to spend her four day weekend at Mawmaw’s house and this is GW’s weekend to work and in three days he will have put in a total of 44 hours by 6 pm. Yep, you read that right FORTY-FOUR HOURS in three days.

Ask me if I have felt guilty at all spending this weekend alone. Nope. Not one second. I told Miss M today that though I have missed her I am so thankful to have had all of this time to myself. I know she is fine and having fun doing her thing with Mawmaw. They are quite the duo. GW doesn’t mind working and we give God the glory for the overtime. Don’t get me wrong, I will be glad when we are all under the same roof for more than a few hours at a time. But – just like GW and I take time to be us and not just dad and mom. It’s been very nice being PGWW instead of wife and mom for a few days. Everyone is well taken care of and where they want to be.

Do you take for granted the work your husband does every day to give you a great lifestyle? Friday morning, the start of GW’s long weekend, it was placed on my heart to make a meal for GW and is team of employees. So, at 8:00 a.m, I began prepping and made two big pans of baked ziti, brownies and a big salad to take to him at work by 11:30 am at their lunch time. It was well received and appreciated. I do not take for granted one second the work that GW does every day and the very long hours that he puts in weekly. I definitely make an effort to thank him whether it be by text or verbally when he gets the call that they are putting in 16 hours a day instead of the normal twelve. We give Praise to the Lord for his job and his position with his company.

Saturday, I ran a few errands in town and took the Christmas card that was returned in the mail due to my error in the address to my friends’ new home to her at her store and found her upstairs in her office looking as if she needed to get out of there for a few so off to lunch we went. I love my time with her. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season took a chunk of time out of our togetherness but I couldn’t be more proud of her. It rained most of the day and then big rans came later that evening keeping me in for the night only to wake up this morning to ice and snow on the ground. Only in Ohio can you go from 50° one day to ice and snow on the ground the very next morning.

I have done so very much this day. All of the laundry is caught up, my bathroom drawers are reorganized and cleaned out. I am ready for my gathering tomorrow evening for French City Society. Guacamole prepared for a snack this evening that has been properly taste tested. The only thing that seems to be neglected around here is the pup. He stands and growls at me to sit down on the couch so he can cuddle up next to me which isn’t all that bad since while sitting here I have taken the time to pen this blog post.


After all of this rambling, I guess my point is this – mommas don’t feel guilty for taking the time to be you and do whatever you don’t want to do or have to do and just be even if it is sitting on the couch for an amount of time to binge watch an entire season of a show on Netflix while enjoying a glass or two of your favorite beverage. It’s ok, I promise you that it is. Oh – and I bought myself marimo moss balls that I have been wanting for quite some time now from another friend’s shop and I gave myself a manicure. A husband that works, a child having a blast at her Mawmaw’s, me time, empty laundry baskets, lunch with a friend, manicure, binge watching Netflix and wine – what more could a gal ask for?


Let me ask ~ what have you done for Y O U lately?


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  1. Oh the precious ME TIME 😍 My boys are all grown up and living on their own but I’m sure there was about 2 years that they were in HS and I literally was never alone in the house. It’s a necessity for mom to have that time. I’m glad you were able to spend some time just being you. I think we all forget how important it is sometimes.

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    1. Our home just entered the high school years last Fall! When we built our home, my husband said – I’m building this so Miss M and her friends want to be here. I want to know what they are doing and who they are with. They’re parents cheered and said – we want them there too! They know that when they’re here close attention will be paid to what they are doing. All of them are marvelous kids but we are “those” parents. 😊

      When my husband walked in the door last night and we stood around our kitchen island catching up on the weekend of his work and my “free” weekend, it was great to be back to our normal. However, I appreciated that talk more than I had in a while.

      Thank you so much for your support!!


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