Spiritual & Mental Reset

If Facebook showed me just how many times I pull up their website on Safari, I would be even more aggravated with myself than the crap that flows through my newsfeed as I mindlessly scroll down rolling my eyes ~ quite often I may add ~ at all of the crap that people post and share. Don’t get me wrong – I am most definitely guilty SOMETIMES when something strikes me funny but not every damn post. Come on people!! Do you really think that we (your facebook community) truly cares how much water weight gain you have or how many pounds that you have put on due to said water weight? Leave that to private discussion you have around your kitchen island while discussing life, goals and changes with your besties all the while encouraging each other. When did facebook replace our girlfriends?

Speaking of friendships, if we would go back and think of the relationships that we had with people BEFORE facebook and the turns they have taken after “friending” them on a website and how many friends we have lost due to differences of views – we would all delete our pages. I just had a conversation on a friend’s post about how he has lost friends that he has had since childhood over his views and thoughts. When did we all have to start thinking a like to be friends. Isn’t it the diversity within our friendships that make them unique? Isn’t that what draws us closer together at times rather than pushing and pulling us apart? Another friend on a different thread basically said the same thing I have been thinking about all day in which I have been jotting down notes to write this piece and he said –

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 10.01.28 pm


I deleted the app from my phone a couple of weeks ago and it has been nice. My screen time – per my phone on a weekly basis – informed me that my screen time has decreased by 16%. That’s a start for sure!

My newsfeed consists of good things too like: weather updates, birth announcements, recipes, business posts – kudos to you πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌΒ – you’re doing it boss babes! Β Then you have the endless political posts and memes – which I also have been guilty of and some of them are accurate and some are just noise; lost pets and free kittens, completely unsolicited ads – they are just as annoying as telemarketers calling my house and cell phone A L L Β D A Y long. Then you have the what I like to call the “look at me posts” – you know what I’m talking about.



Don’t get me wrong – social media is a great way to reconnect with old friends and keep in touch with them along with family that live away. Social media isn’t all bad but too much of anything isn’t good for any of us.

My church does a corporate fast at the beginning of each new year for a three week period. And as I have been thinking about what it is that I think I just can’t do without – facebook is the constant thing that I do day-in and day-out, something that I do without even thinking about it now – – login. Whatever people chose to do is between them and God. Due to my charitable organization, French City Society, I will have to use the Pages app to keep my group up-to-date on all things FCS. I am mainly going to focus on my writing and align myself back to better choices throughout the day instead of mindlessly pulling up a website and seeing the quiz results where someone shares that they are a badass who looks like Lucille Ball – good to know but I’m not buying it. Really? We need to know that the algorithm determined that from the questions you answered?

Anyone notice how less and less Christmas cards come in the mail? I cleared off my credenza of family photos in preparation of the beautiful cards to arrive in the mail last month. Sadly, this past season was the fewest we have ever received. I always have my tried and true card senders and I love getting them! I just hate to see that a social media outlet is now taking the place of thank you notes, Christmas cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, etc

So for my friends that are reading this, first of all let me say THANK YOU! And yes, I am sharing this to the sister page of this site for those who haven’t subscribed to my updates. I appreciate you for reading!! I have also set my personal facebook page to were visitors cannot post to my page. If you need me, text me!!

Again, thanks for reading!! Be sure to LIKE my post on my actual website so that I know you were here!


9 thoughts on “Spiritual & Mental Reset

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  1. Agreed! I have to say I’ve watched a trend in my family (extended and imidiate) over the past year though and I wonder if anyone else has seen it to. My kids, who are 21 and 19, have begun to shy away from Facebook but the more mature adults are getting in deeper. The men especially. It’s like all of a sudden Uncle Dan is a bigger gossip than Nana and her friends ever were. While I agree that knowledge is power I also think that in the wrong hands too much of it is just fuel and fire.

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    1. I have heard from the twenty-something generation that Twitter is the avenue they use and that “older” people use Facebook. What do your kids use now that they have begun to shy away from FB? Anything? My nieces use Twitter more than FB.

      I literally laughed at the Uncle Dan is a bigger gossip than Nana and her friend ever were! I love it and it is SO TRUE!

      We had MySpace now Facebook and Twitter. Makes me wonder…..what is the next social app that will be rolled out?


      1. So with my kids and their girlfriends it seems to be snap chat and YouTube is the new FB. I recently looked up my old MySpace so it’s funny that you brought that up. It makes me cringe to be honest πŸ˜‚. I haven’t delved into the twitter movement, I think I’m rebeling because all I think of when Twitter comes up is “what a twit” and it makes me laugh. Cudos to the marketing team for calling them tweets but you have to wonder if they thought their followers would be called twits.

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      2. Oh my goodness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I never thought of it like that!!!

        YES – Snapchat – they do use it a lot! I forgot about that one. I have it as well but only follow a few people and one is a friend that grew up on the same street as me. Our parents still live across the street from each other! We send goofy filters and snap messages to start off our days with a laugh here and there.

        You know that I am going to look up my old MySpace now! I’m sure I will cringe as well!


  2. Thank you,Small Town Country City Girl,for these interesting comments and observations.I find your blog thought provoking, because many people I know (including myself of course) struggle with excessive use of many social media platforms, which often lead into the abyss and can turn out to be time stealers.I appreciate, that you pointed out,that we should be aware of these pitfalls.
    Thanks Nette

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