Pitching Mood

As much as I hate to admit it – I am a hoarder of things like all of M’s papers. I have totes labeled Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade…. you get the picture. Middle school took a hit in the paper department since very little – if any – papers were brought home. Now we are in high school – – and I say the middle school tote will carry us through 2022.

I’ve made little notes in some of her papers like what she did for the project or how we prepared for it. Someday she will look back through them and laugh and pitch them all. And that’s ok! I personally couldn’t do it. Some of them I have – just not all of them. I think she will appreciate where she’s been and where she’s headed. A little glimpse into her past. Moments that she may have forgotten but a spark of a memory through the time capsule totes.

I save cards. I believe that if someone has taken their time to go out, sift through and read cards until they find the one that fits their thoughts in that moment for me, I’m keeping it. I have, however, recently went through those and have stumbled across others that I have actually pitched. Like the friendship I thought we had is no longer, no longer are your words of so called sentiment. Garbage if you will.

If you come across a memory, such as a card, and it conjures up feelings of anything other than a happy memory or happiness at all, then throw it out. That’s what I have been doing. And it has been so very freeing of heaviness within my mind, within drawers, within life. Don’t carry around burdens with you. It doesn’t help anyone especially yourself. At least that is what I have found from my life.

I’ve even done this with articles of clothing. Possibly a shirt that was given as a gift. Or one that has been worn for a certain occasion that no longer brings pleasant thoughts of the people you were with while wearing that article of clothing. Gone. Why, when going through my closet in the morning to find something to start my day, should I keep some thing that at the moment makes me think anything other than the blessings of that day in which is laid out before me. Bye Bye.

I follow Jennifer Allwood on Facebook and one day while working, I listened to one of her daily videos and some of it – a lot of it actually – hit home for me. Here is the link to the video I am referring to: Talking this morning about how jealousy and competition can be affecting you!!!!

We are all human. She speaks about how people compare themselves to others whether it be physically or how someone is doing in their business. How we don’t think we can start a business because there are 20 million other businesses out there just like it though our business will be different because we are all different and what we have to offer may be completely different than what someone else is offering. Quit peeking. She says – pretend they know every time you look at her page – you’ll quit looking then. Get out of the Facebook groups that give you a stomach ache. She says – if any anxiety happens within yourself when it comes up – get out of it. Leave the group.

Hide or unfriend people. Kind of like ridding out the cards and the clothes in the closet I was speaking of a little earlier. She also says in the video – People use blocking on Facebook as a weapon. As a middle finger to the people that they are Facebook friends with. And that sometimes blocking is healthy because of unhealthy relationships. But that the majority of the time, the block feature is to wound someone. I’ve been wounded by a particular “friend”. She blocked me on all social media outlets. At the time, it was a big ouch. She knows that I know because I asked her. I’m that gal. I’ll go to you not around you. Not everyone have I went to but this one, I did. The wound has healed but not forgotten because in this instance was a big ol’ middle finger pointed directly at me.

I have blocked people. Most generally for the unhealthy relationship or circumstances. I’ve never blocked people as a weapon to intentionally hurt them or to give them the middle finger. I have done it to guard my eyes and to rid the nonsense. There have been times I have went through my blocked list and have thought – Wow, you must have been in a really bad mood that day. I can recall going through my “friends” list and instead of unfriending, I’ve blocked them. Never thinking about the above statement from Jennifer Allwood that it is a weapon. I honestly used it only as a “tool” to free up my newsfeed. Never to flip someone off. Lesson learned and hopefully passing the lesson on to you.

My goal in 2019 is to do better in all areas of my life by doing something each day that matters and to learn something new every day. I’m going to continue to get rid of the nonsense and anything that doesn’t make me happy or brings unpleasant thoughts. I’m also going to make room in my life for all the things that make me smile and rejoice in love and laughter. And, hopefully be an inspiration to someone whether I ever know it or not.


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