Lessons of 2018

Lessons of 2018 ~

As I reflect on 2018, I must admit it has been a blur. So many people I have spoken with have the same sentiment. Where has the year gone….. I can tell you – it has gone F A S T.

Last year, I made a post called Lessons of 2017. I’m glad that I did so I can go back and see if I have made any growth and/or learned anything in these past 365 days. I read a lot of hurt in those words this morning. I read that my trust level was at an all time low. I read I learned a lot about those who I thought were my friends.

By leaving those people behind in 2018, it opened space within my life for people without agendas. People who are authentic. People who aren’t out to get something from someone all of the time. Genuine relationships. Genuine people. People with one face not two. People who aren’t social climbers. Those are the people we all should strive to have in our lives. If that means saying hello and moving on to the next conversation, by all means do so. A proper woman would never be rude.
~ ~ ~ Hello. How are you? Beautiful dress. ~ ~ ~


God’s Grace….. how thankful I am. Whispers of guidance. Listen to the whispers. Pay attention. Those whispers are your guidance. Your sails, your oars, your lighthouse – listen.

My intent for 2019 ~ continue to listen to the whispers. Continue making memories with those whom God has blessed my life with. Write. Letting go of the doubt, the fear, the what ifs. Be bold. Be brave. Make each day count.


As tomorrow is opened to you, my prayer for you is just as it continues to be for 2018.

I pray 2019 is a year of abundance, love, faith and happiness.


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  1. Can we talk about what an absolutely beautiful, meaningful, memorable message you’ve penned to your world . . . to my world . . . to OUR world? And can we pause for a whisper-moment to appreciate how beautifully you’ve progressed as an author; how powerful your words are; how far your feelings travel from your heart to mine; how spirited you are; how sincerely I admire your old soul, your genuine core, your fierce determination, your homegrown values, your admirable motherhood, and your tribal survival skills; how happily I welcome YOU to my tribe; how clearly I see YOU, hear YOU, get YOU; how much I loved tiny YOU way back when . . . and how deeply I will love YOU forever!

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    1. With you by my side and cheering me on the way that you always have, I am beyond blessed. Your encouragement always lands at the perfect moments.

      I love you forever and always.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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