Why Miss M’s dad took her on a date

Like it or not, time is flying right by us all. Miss M turns 16 this year. Yeah, time is flying. It is the time in her life that a young man just may be brave enough to ask her out on a date. This is why her daddy took her out first.

She’s been raised in a way that she sees her dad come in from a long day of work and kiss me when he walks through the door. She’s turned her head in disgust like most kids do and I told her not to be that way and that she should be happy that her dad loves me the way that he does. She has been blessed with a childhood that some, if not most, kids do not have – two parents married, living in the same household. It’s just the world we live in. We are NOT perfect trust me! We cuss and discuss then move on. It’s life. Anyone who tells you that they don’t fuss or argue are L I A R S. Remember my friend, you see peoples highlight reels on social media. Please remember that when comparing your life to others.

GW and I went through a rough patch over a decade ago. Again, if anyone says they haven’t in their marriage – lies, all lies. We put God first in our marriage then each other. We instated date nights many, many years ago. Miss M wasn’t always thrilled that we went out without her but we have taught her that there was a Paula and Greg before her momma and daddy and to have a happy momma and daddy you need a happy Paula and Greg. She gets it. Anyway, GW asked M a few nights ago if she would please join him for dinner. She wondered if I was going as well and he said – no, just you and me. I’d like to take you out on your first date.

He and I discussed where they should go and I told him to definitely take her out of town so they wouldn’t be interrupted by well meaning people but to focus solely on her, they needed to at least go a county away. He laughed when they got to where they were going because they ran into friends of ours as they were leaving.

I believe he was just as excited if not more than Miss M. He researched restaurants and found out when they were least busy and such. He even talked to his coworkers of places to go. He left work early to come home and get ready. She started getting ready early in the day. I do believe she was excited to spend one-on-one time with her daddy at dinner. They had a wonderful meal at Arch and Eddie’s in Jackson, Ohio. A place that he and I haven’t even went to yet. They say they are taking me back. I hope so because from the look of the photos of their meals and what they had to say about it, I can’t wait!

I was told that they discussed the first time GW took me out to dinner. It was a disaster. Every place we tried to go was either booked or too busy. We ended up at Bob Evans. I told him he’s lucky I gave him another shot. HA! She said – dad told me about your first dinner date. They said they talked about college, music, our many animals and life. I LOVE IT!! She said they really enjoyed my car and listened to really great music coming down the road. It is an experience she will hold all others up to, I have no doubt. He always opens the doors for us but last night was even more important. She has been blessed with strong men in her life – her Pappy, her daddy and her Uncle Bub – who show her on a daily basis just how important the women in their lives are to them and just how valued we truly are. They have also taught her the value of hard work and to never settle for anything. We pray for a young man to come into her life with values just like theirs. If he doesn’t, I am quite sure he won’t make it through the door.

In closing, dads of daughters – make sure they know how they are to be treated and respected by first treating and respecting their mothers – whether you are married or not. Respect them. Same for mothers. Respect your child’s father. Always. Dislike them from within but never let your kids see it or hear it. They will only dislike you in the end.

3 thoughts on “Why Miss M’s dad took her on a date

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  1. We were the friends they ran into!! Sorry, didn’t know it was a first date! 😊 I see they took our advice and ordered the firecracker shrimp! Miss M has grown into a beautiful young lady! 😘

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    1. They loved seeing you somewhere other than Walmart hahahaaaa!! You didn’t do a thing but add to their night of stories that they will share forever. I am thankful that such cherished friends were able to see them out on her first date. We love you so! And thank you for your kind words about our girl.

      Maybe, just maybe, the four of us can go back!!


  2. I absolutely adore YOU, your beautiful Miss M, and your amazing GW. Posts like this hit me straight in my heart, where my love for you glows like the brightest star in a summer sky. 🌟💖

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