Wisdom Teeth

Today, Miss M had her wisdom teeth extracted. Every night since booking the appointment, I have awoke in the middle of the night thinking about it. By the Grace of God, she is a healthy child. She’s only had to have blood drawn once. So today, I worried how she would handle the IV, the procedure and the after. Let me tell you ~ like a champ.

The team at the facility in which she had the extraction were beyond AMAZING to her and us. They were so very kind to her and understanding. That made this Momma’s walk out of the room leaving behind my little in the hands of people I had just met somewhat easier. They even came out to let us know how she did with the IV. A few tears but well. She doesn’t “cry”. She will shed tears but she doesn’t full blown cry. She said this evening that they wiped the tears away and were so kind to her. When we were able to go see her in recovery, her sweet little self was laying there with her hand up to her face with tears streaming down her cheeks. Not crying. Just tears. The recovery nurse was SO good to her too. At one point, she had a tissue dabbing her eyes and said ~ you’re ok baby. I trust very few and even less than that when it comes to Miss M but these people had my full trust.

I’ve seen so many videos posted of kids and adults and what they say while out of their head ~ not M. Not even a word during the hour ride home. I did manage a tiny smile out of her but nothing else.

After my Momma went home, we sat out in the front porch swing getting some fresh air and she said to her dad and myself ~ I want to thank you for today. Thank you for all that you did to get ready for today with the food, drinks, ice packs ~ everything. Thank you for being the parents to me that you are and for taking care of me.

Yes ~ I shed a tear. She said it all on her own. Like such a grown up. She isn’t a baby by any means but she is my baby and will forever be. I pray that she always knows how loved she is and that there isn’t anything in this world that I wouldn’t do for her. Absolutely nothing.

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  1. Just now, you made me cry. And your words filled my heart with love and pride in you and in your clone, Miss M. Her thanks to you and her father—her “porch” words—will live in your hearts forever. Miss M’s wisdom teeth were extracted, yes, but her old-soul wisdom cannot be taken from her. Ever. After all, she is you. 💖💝

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    1. I’m sure you will! REST and do exactly what the doctor advises you to do and I’m sure you’ll be just fine!! Best wishes!!

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