Father’s Day 2.0

I sat down to write about my second Father’s Day “without” my Dad when it began to thunder. I am still smiling. Why, you ask? Because if you read my tribute words that I spoke at his service, you know that every time it thunders we say it is THE Paul Williams building mansion sites in Heaven. I don’t like was. He is, he is alive and well in Heaven and when the thunder rolls you will know it is THE Paul Williams preparing mansion sites. (One Less Place Setting)


Maybe I should feel different about today. Maybe I am suppose to be sad like so many of my other friends are today. Everyone deals with their own things in their own ways. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Dad don’t get me wrong but last year when this day came around in my Year of Firsts ~ I thought to myself then ~ Daddy gets to spend Father’s Day with our Heavenly Father ~ WOW ~ and his dad that he hadn’t had a Father’s Day with in so many years I can’t even remember the number now. Yes, I was without mine but he is with his and I am sure it was quite the celebration. And another thing that “gets me through” is that even though 46 years with him wasn’t nearly enough, I have the Promise of Eternity with him. I’ll take it!

Every day is Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to us. We are beyond a perfect family. We fuss and get our feelings hurt sometimes but what we do is L O V E and love hard. Mess with one, you get us all. And there are some big ones in this crew 🖤.

I have read and heard Carson Daly say on a couple of occasions within the last year speaking on his loss…. it is really a testament to how much the love was there….so the more more I miss them because they loved me so much and I loved them so much so ultimately that is a good thing.

And that statement alone has stuck with me since first hearing it. How true it is. By missing my Dad so much is a testimony to just how much I was loved.


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