Ohio Chautauqua ~ Erma Bombeck

Last night, my family and I attended Ohio Chautauqua to watch the live performance of Susan Marie Frontczak as she portrayed Erma Bombeck. Before I go any further, let me explain what Ohio Chautauqua does. It is a community event that comes to town under a big red and white tent offering living history performances and music presented by Ohio Humanities. Click here to go to the Ohio Humanities website and see if there is an event coming to a city near you!



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What I took away from last night’s performance on Erma as she seemed as if she was speaking directly to me. YOU CAN WRITE. Having and wanting to write ~ discipline is what a writer needs. I am working on that one. WRITE EVERY DAY. Make yourself do it. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. Write every day. Doesn’t matter what you write. Don’t let up. Life hands you the articles. Isn’t that the truth! 

I have had some great ideas, great content and then don’t. If you have been following along this blog you have heard me say that I stop myself at times from writing due to struggling with what might someone may or may not think. And here again ~ I don’t care what others think any other time why in the world do I let it hinder me here? I know I can write. I just have to make myself do it.

I read a blog post by Ann Coleman on Muddling Through My Middle Age called “Forever Friends” where she stated ~ I have always tried very hard not to hurt people’s feelings.  There are certain things I never write about in my blog, even when I’m struggling to find a topic for this week’s post, simply because I know that the post would cause someone pain.  And even though I usually have a lot to say about any given situation, there are times when I stay silent, because I know that my words would just make things worse.  I have even been known to tell a “little while lie” on those rare occasions when telling the truth would be a very hurtful thing.

THAT IS ME!!! I “worry” what someone will think. Even if what I write isn’t about a certain person will someone think that it is. Facebook has made that side of people come out in full force. One may post a meme or a funny line and someone else take offense to it because they “think” it is directed towards them when in most cases it isn’t. But hey ~ if the proverbial shoe fits ~ then lace it up and wear it hahaha!

Anyway, today I am going to work on me. Work on writing. Work on releasing what someone may or may not think. People are going to think whatever they want anyway, right?

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