People ~ Rude & Not So Much

AT&T ~ For some reason, I no longer have service where I have always had service.  I also keep dropping calls.  I called them and they said we don’t know why you keep dropping calls and we don’t know why you don’t have service where you have always had service ~ no towers are down.  Basically they don’t care!  But they take my $130 a month though!!!!  When I asked how much to cancel my contract to go to Verizon they told me without hesitation.  This after being with AT&T for 20 years. 

University of Phoenix ~ I was up late one night (shocker) and saw their commercial.  So I logged onto their website with my iPad2 and of course it can’t be as simple as go to their website and look at their online programs.  One has to enter your email and phone number and address.  My iPad locked up and I didn’t think it submitted completely.  Wrong ~ I received a phone call at home from University of Phoenix asking about my interest.  Long story short, I was transferred to another girl who went on to tell me about the program.  When I asked how much it was a class and told me it was almost $2000 for 1 five week online class, I said thank you but I’m not interested and SHE HUNG UP ON ME!  I let it go for about 15 minutes and then called back and let them know how rude I found their representative and that they called ME. 

Bossard Memorial Library ~ Miss M and I stopped last week to borrow a book on Mother Teresa.  Someone she has had interest in since she read a small paragraph about her in another book she received for her birthday last year.  We had a few moments to swing in there to look for the book and once we got to the counter with it I realized I had left our library cards at home.  The “woman” at the desk was disgusted that I didn’t have my card and told me repeatedly in front of Miss M that if we don’t bring our card with us from now on we wouldn’t be allowed to borrow any books.  People like her who work in there make me dread going to the library and probably why I haven’t been in there since last year and BUY my books on Kindle. 

VERIZON ~ My parents purchased my iPad2 for me for my birthday this year and set up an account for it and said enjoy.  (Very blessed to have such generous parents).  This week I had a message pop up that said to contact Verizon Customer Service.  Once I did they asked for an MEID number.  Once given the man was amazed that my iPad was even operating because someone who had purchased an iPad in March had the EXACT number and mine shouldn’t be running.  He said that Apple recalled many iPads because of this issue and mine was one that hadn’t been pulled off the shelf from Best Buy.  He said I would need to exchange mine for a brand new iPad.  He put me in direct contact with APPLE.  They took very good care of me as well.  I drove 2 hours one way today to make the exchange and did so very easily and Verizon reconnected my service immediately. 

I went to Best Buy to get a new protective cover because Apple didn’t have them.  Best Buy made me purchase the new protective cover AND pay for them installing it.  Even though they were the ones who didn’t pull mine off the shelf and return it to Apple.  Trust me I made that argument and it didn’t matter.  So I paid for it and the installation.  NOW THERE ARE BUBBLES UNDER THE PROTECTIVE SCREEN.  This gal isn’t happy.  I am going to have to make another trip to have it fixed.  This one not as far, only an hour away compared to the 4 hours round trip that I did today.  For a grand total of 6 hours in the vehicle to have this fixed. 

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