So Very Loved

Miss M & I woke up Wednesday to a message that was left the day before from the eye doctor that her glasses were ready to be picked up.  I told her and she was so excited and asked if we could go get them.  I said sure after Momma gets a shower.  I had ordered her American Girl doll, Sally Ann, a pair of glasses as well and snuck them into the doctor’s office.  She was so surprised.  They both wore the same shirts and jeans ~ so cute! 

After we left there, we stopped up to see Pappy and was pleasantly surprised to find Uncle Bub there as well!  She rolled down the window and Pappy made his “I’m not going to get choked up face” ~ GOD LOVE HIM!  Uncle Bub tried the same.  Neither one of them could speak.  This little lady is so loved and doesn’t realize the extreme extent of it.  You talk about a very protected little girl ~

We went to see Mawmaw at work.  She was surprised to see us when she walked in and especially because Miss M didn’t go running when she saw her.  She and Sally had their backs to Mawmaw and then turned around to show their fabulous new looks.  When her Daddy saw her he said the exact same thing as Mawmaw did ~ it’s like she’s always had them. 

When I pull her hair up with her glasses on she looks like an attorney.  Look out world because this gal can argue her case and usually wins! 

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