Writers Block

Never thought it would happen this early since I had such big plans and ideas for this blog! 

I keep hearing in my head my Aunt Barbara saying ~ don’t hold back ~ it’s more interesting reading that way.  I then think why am I writing?  Who cares?  And then I realize it is such a good outlet.  And I’m writing more for myself.  I’ve tried actually writing my thoughts, feelings and daily doings down on paper.  I was faithful for a while and then get away from it.  I would like something for Miss M to have some day.  My Grandma Lena Belle kept a notebook by her chair and wrote down things she saw on TV that she wanted to remember and/or check into.  She would write down who called that day and a little bit of what they had to say.  She was amazing.  There will never be another.  I just hope that I have her qualities.  I wish she had been here to see me give out the Community Service Award last night at the fair to one of the queen candidates.  I know she was there in spirit though. 

Being President of GJWC, it was my responsibility to give out the award this year.  15 years ago I was asked to join GJWC and I was afraid to for fear I would have to actually talk in front of people.  20 years ago I sat in my college classes with my hair pulled around my face so no one could “see” me or that I couldn’t see people looking at me.  And here I am to date President of a club, speaking in front of them each month and going across a stage with an actual spotlight on me to speak in a microphone in front of hundreds of  people.  My greatest accomplishment was watching me ~ my family ~ my wonderful husband and my precious daughter.  The feeling of having her come to me after I walked off stage and to tell me I did well was enough in itself.  And knowing that my husband had been up since 3:30 in the morning and is usually in bed when we left to go to the fair took the time to pay to get into the fair to watch me for what little time I was on stage meant the world to me. 
Some may think that GJWC is just an excuse to get with “friends” to visit.  What we do is way more than that and very rarely is there time to “visit”.  I like making a difference.  Trying to better this place in which we live for my baby girl.  She deserves the very best and it starts with me.
So much for writers block…

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