Thinking Out Loud ~ She Made It UPDATE

This is an UPDATE to my ➡️ ⬅️
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All through last year, my repeated statement to all involved with my mom throughout her journey was this – our goal is to get her back to independent living like she was the day before her knee replacement and then heart attack. I continuously showed every staff member involved with her a photo of the REAL Linda and not the frail tiny lady in the bed that put her entire trust and life in my hands not only because she knew I would advocate and fight for her but because she just simply couldn’t. She didn’t need to with me there. Always their reaction was – wow. I didn’t want them to know the sick lady. I wanted them to know the real her. Throughout her journey, I wanted her to focus on getting better and to keep fighting. I pushed and pushed and pushed her probably to the point she really would have liked for me to have gotten back in my car and driven to Gallia County instead of the hotel across the highway. I say that jokingly, however, I can probably guess there were times that that statement is true.

** And as I am writing this, my momma called me. Praise be to Jesus for these phone calls. Praise be to Jesus she is back to herself. Praise be to Jesus for independent living. Giving Praise Praise Praise!

Yesterday, I had the utmost privilege to accompany my Momma to her appointment at Riverside for a checkup with the ever amazing and talented Dr. Arshi. He was thrilled to see her as he always is and to see her ever so well. I will never forget the first time we went to see him after her time with him in the hospital. I focused on his face when he walked in the room because I had to see his reaction. His reaction would tell me exactly what I already knew – we are blessed she is alive. His eyes widened and he said – Linda – you look fantastic.

First, she had her echo when we arrived and then upstairs to her appointment. The echo results were back to him while we were in the office and he said – your heart is completely healed. Again – PRAISE BE TO JESUS. McKenzie went with us this time and I said to Dr. Arshi – my daughter is out in the hall and I would love for her to meet you. He said – have her come back! She also met his nurse, Stacey. She is another amazing asset to our team at Riverside. I can’t put into words our time with them yesterday and the attention they gave McKenzie asking about her future plans and such. They didn’t have to take the time to meet this woman’s granddaughter – but they did.

I am ever so thankful to be able to write this update ~ XOXO – Paula

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