Thinking Out Loud – Release

When I started to blog, I remember the feeling of excitement of putting my thoughts down on “paper”. Not worried about what people thought or if anyone would even read my posts. It is a shame to say that I began on Blogger eleven years ago – E L E V E N. In eleven years, I have only published 136 articles and that’s with integrating my Blogger into WordPress. Shameful. Where did time go? Why didn’t I post more? Why do I have six drafts still laying there to be finished – some from 3 years ago – maybe even longer but I don’t dare to look.

Ok – I looked – wonder what I would have written had I finished those….

I am going to delete them – it’s like having a constant to-do list that never gets finished and always weighing on your mind.

Deleted – I will forever and always miss my Daddy. I went two years without Facebook. I have posted McKenzie’s graduation and graduation celebration photos. I’m tired of a lot of things and I miss some things that I thought I had but in reality weren’t all that I thought that they were. So there – completed and checked off. I have to say – that feels really, really good.

Released – Onward & Upward

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