January 2nd – Sunday – 2022

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new work week, month and year! I am really ready for a routine. Two of my besties and I are in a group chat. Part of this mornings discussion was that two of us go back to work tomorrow and one is off and getting a massage. I don’t ever think about getting massages. The last one I had was 25 years ago and I was so relaxed I could barely drive the two hours home 😂

GW has dismantled three trees thus far this morning. Two yesterday. Countless to go.

My mind is consumed to Miss M’s graduation celebration. 5 months and 1 day to go.

I am quite aggravated with WordPress this day – again – still. I CANNOT preview my drafts. I’ve done all the things to try from their recommendations to correct it with zero result. AND – I just renewed my subscription….. 😵‍💫

TREE UPDATE – all nine decorated trees have been undecorated and put away until November! We put up eleven total. The first year I put the pub tree up, I tried decorating it. It never suited me so I undecorated it and found that I like it much better with just lights and a tree skirt. The bulbs were too distracting. We have one other the same way in the basement.

I made the most delicious braised short ribs for this evening. Even though it is quite the process – over four hours, I was very efficient in getting all the things I need and/or want to head back to work tomorrow ready.

I have been working on my nod to 2021 post – another that I can’t preview – and it is going to take me a bit to get through the year. Very blessed in the chaos.

We are officially finished with DirectTV as of today as well. GW unhooked all of the boxes from the televisions and have them packed away and ready to ship back his next day off. YouTubeTV has been great thus far. None of us really watch a lot of tv except that we are total Yellowstone fans. The news is never on. Coal “watches” tv more than any of us. Doesn’t everyone leave the tv on during the day for the dog to “watch”? We even have a radio in the barn for the horses.

Tomorrow, I will get back on track of getting up at 3:30 a.m. to get my exercise in prior to getting ready for work. Yes, 3:30 a.m. That is when I make time for myself. If I don’t, the evening is gone and time to prepare for the following day has consumed me.

Goodness ~ after sixteen days off ~ I sure hope I can remember my login and passwords in the morning!!

~ XOXO ~

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