January 1st – Saturday – 2022

Happy New Year!
Ohio weather ~ sleeping with the windows open. It’s 54 degrees and raining. Allllll day raining. If only this were S N O W!! I sure hope that we get a few snow days this season!!!

I made cabbage and sausage ~ a New Year’s Day must. I also made homemade chicken salad and thawed short ribs for dinner tomorrow evening. I prepared the pantry calendar and my every day calendar with all of our days off from school along with GW’s work schedule, birthdays and anniversaries. Laundry. Charged up my FitBit. Thank you notes written. Talked to my Momma. Ordered a baby shower gift for next weekend. All of the TVs set up with YouTubeTV – good ridden DirectTV. New FireStick set up on the basement tv. Some of the Christmas decorations taken down. Not all. Some. Miss M’s graduation celebration location booked. An impromptu workout on the treadmill. Good thing the FitBit was charged and on my arm. I had put in over a mile just in the kitchen and living room this day! Two more miles on my NordicTrack. Just shy of 10,000 steps, I got up from my cozy writing spot in bed and made 400+ steps around the island, living room and hallway to hit the mark.

Did I mention we are sleeping with the windows open? 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s Ohio 🤪 Heck, we slept with the windows open last week! It could be snowing next week 🤷🏼‍♀️

~ XOXO ~

P.S. Am I the only one that cannot preview a draft before publishing????

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