She leaves a little bit of Sparkle wherever she goes ~ Kate Spade

She Leaves A Little Bit of Sparkle Wherever She Goes ~ Kate Spade

I googled who said the phrase – She leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes as this little quote screams my friend, Amy. It makes me wonder if Kate Spade knew of Amy when she said it 🤔 Miss M has her in contacts as Sparkles 💖

Amy is a true gem. How I describe her is selfless, fierce, fearless, heart of gold, giving, loyal, trustworthy, strong, loving and a true red head! Don’t piss her off ‼️

Amy goes above and beyond to do so many things for so many people, that Cindy and I planned an evening all about her for her birthday. Her husband, JW, is a pilot on the river hauling coal and was on his 28 day stretch missing her birthday this year. We understand and love that COAL KEEPS THE LIGHTS ON!!! Her husband transports coal and mine operates a coal yard! GW texted Amy and me yesterday of JW passing the plant waving from the pilot house.

Shannon is another very close friend of all of us and just so happens to be an amazing cook. I do believe I have mentioned him in a past blog post and if I haven’t I darn should have before today! He came out and used his culinary skills on the flattop grills and prepared us a gourmet Habachi meal of steak, chicken, shrimp, fried rice and zucchini. WOWZA! I had everything prepped for him so he didn’t have to do anything other than cook, eat and enjoy the evening with us.

I recently found a little plaque at HobbyLobby that says – SHOPPING RULE: if it isn’t black, put it back. Black is our signature color. I have had people say to me – I would love to see your closet and all the black clothing you have – well – you see me out – you see my closet. Amy is the same way adding sparkles and pink to her signature. Thus the theme for the evening. All things pink. Giving me a good reason to shop for a new table cloth and runner! Click here for the link to the hot pink runner on Amazon and here for the tablecloth. Keep in mind that my patio table is 16 feet long should you follow the link to order.

Our dear friend Cindy – she too is one of a kind and I am thankful that the three of us start our days with a good morning group message as it allows our days to begin in a positive and uplifting way and I love it!

Cindy really wanted to get Amy cupcakes in the unicorn cupcake holders but Miss Amy doesn’t like cake. WHO DOESN’T LIKE CAKE?! Amy that’s who! But she does like brownies so Cindy’s baker make brownie cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries and they were oh so good!

GW FaceTimed JW so he could sing Happy Birthday along with us and watch Amy make a wish before blowing out her candle.

Our evening was filled with music, food, beverages, desserts, laughter, love, family, friendship and all things sparkly like Amy. Cheers to you Amy!

Look out 50 HERE WE COME!!!

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