Paula’s Patio Pub

For years, I’ve saved posts on my Pinterest board of she sheds. Which, by the way, I do not like that saying – She Shed. Wine Shack is cute – but I wanted something different – thus – Paula’s Patio Pub. GW calls it Triple P. Quarantine 2020 became the perfect time to begin. GW is in high demand to build things for other people and this year he said he would hold off on other projects until he got the Triple P completed.

I had no idea that this addition off of the patio was going to become as large as it is. I was half joking when I said – it needs to be bigger. My Dad always said – should’ve been bigger – after we moved into our home. Believe me, it’s big enough. And as I think back – my Dad actually added on to the length of the house when he came to mark where the basement was going. And yet, he said should’ve been bigger. I have to laugh.

I want to find a card where Daddy wrote my name and have Paula cut out of metal in his handwriting. I should have been looking for something before now. That is a box I don’t want to dig into at the moment.

We are down to painting the walls – actually our drywall master and good friend is here at the moment painting the Pub! I can hear the air compressor going as I type. So exciting! After it’s painted, GW will put down the flooring and it will be ready to be decorated and furniture!

This is the photo I sent GW years ago saying – I needs me one of these. And as I upload this photo and link – I am quite amazed at the knotty pine inside this wine shack as that is what we ended up going with from the recommendation from our drywall master. Perfection!!

I found this on Pinterest YEARS ago

GW began my Pub on April 1, 2020. Less than a month from his carpal tunnel surgery. This man is a beast.

I have made several changes along the way such as:

Began With:Changed To:
SinkNo Sink
No back windowSmall Window
ShiplapNo Shiplap – wowza the cost – NOPE
DrywallDrywall Master said absolutely not – sent a photo of what we needed to do – KNOTTY PINE
No PaintPainting White

When we replaced the living room carpet with new flooring, we bought all they had and GW had originally said he was going to put the extra down in my home office. I vetoed that real quick. I like my carpet in here. So…. we have enough to put down in the Pub!

This addition to our outdoor area has been much needed as we get full sun in the evenings and zero shade. Miss M has plans of doing her homework out there and I plan to do a lot of writing and in discussions with a couple of friends of starting a podcast. Perfect place for us to POUR IT OUT‼️

Here are the photos from April 1st until now!

Our drywall master is coming back today to finish the final two coats of paint on the interior. If my flooring wasn’t so grey, I would have left it unpainted.

My chandelier arrived today too!

After the painting is finished, GW will hang my chandelier and put down the flooring. I need to go furniture shopping!! Once it cools down a bit, he will put down the brick around the pub that was gifted to me by an amazing friend!




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