Lessons of 2019

I started this post in January…… working on it again in March…. and here we are in April..and now June….🤦🏼‍♀️

Happy New Year!

Where in the world did 2019 go? Let alone the last 20 years!! Our family took off to the Great Smoky Mountains four days after Christmas and have spent the last week together.  GW & I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary while here and rang in the new year with the loves of our lives.

I went back and read my Lessons of 2018 post and I am still listening to the whispers from within my gut. The whispers can speak ever so loudly. Each year, I listen more and more and the whispers get louder and louder.

In 2019, we were blessed with a new baby girl in our family. She has most definitely breathed new life into us all. She is a little piece of Heaven right here on Earth. In less than 48 hours from the time of her arrival, we almost lost our youngest niece, Faith, from a horrific car accident. I do not want to relive the details as we move forward #FaithStrong. As we come up on the 1 year of the birth of our precious baby girl, we also revisit the accident. We will celebrate both with praise from the Highest.

What I have witnessed over the last year or so is how quickly people can turn on others and quite honestly for no apparent reason. Sometimes it’s gradual and other times instant. The gradual ones you can sense it coming. Yet, you wrestle with the thoughts in your head that maybe it’s just your mind playing tricks on you and then your gut says – listen. I have trust issues any way and this past year has sealed the deal.

JUNE 2020 –

As I sit here going scrolling through my saved drafts that I haven’t finished to date – this one is the hardest to finish. But today, I am going to make myself do it so that I can move on.

2020 has been a rollercoaster with twists and turns. Highs and lows. At times, hair raising. Laughter and tears. Love and fears. I wish I had documented the days since the quarantine but quite frankly I didn’t have it in me. Our lives changed in some ways and a lot of ways not at all. I used the grocery pick up way before being quarantined. So, that was nothing new except for having to wait days to schedule a pick up and how half of what I ordered wouldn’t be available at pick up. I started back to work full time in November 2019 and for me, this would have been the spring to wish our seniors farewell and best wishes for their futures. Miss M left school on a Thursday in March for a four day weekend and never went back. She worked every day on school work that was sent to her via email all the way up until the end of May. I couldn’t be more proud of her. GW had carpal tunnel surgery the first week of March which was blessedly moved up from the end of March or else he wouldn’t have been able to have it fixed due to it being an elective surgery. The doctor wrote him off for 6 weeks and at the end of the third week, he had had enough sitting around and the doctor released him to go back to work. Coal keeps the lights on and thankfully so. At the beginning of April, he started my patio pub. I will do a post about that soon. I have made the break from Facebook. I deactivated my account giving me the time to distance myself from it all which is mostly bullshit anyway. In the time that it was deactivated, I was accused of blocking people. No Karen, I didn’t block anyone. My account was deactivated – huge difference. I have to keep my personal account open so I can run my charity page (https://frenchcitysociety.wordpress.com) and I am so very thankful for the Pages app and the Messenger app. I don’t have to see or read drama and can still stay connected. The best thing that ever came from Facebook is my new job. Reconnecting with friends is the only other good thing. Miss M and I should be laying on the beach this week. We decided to cancelled our beach trip back in May. The more we hear about where we were going, we are very thankful that we decided to stay home.

What a mess of a blog post but it is what it is. And once I tap the publish button, it will be out of my drafts folder and I will move onward and upward.

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