Hot Dogs, A Cupcake & A Lunch Date

Do you remember some of your first memories as a child? I have some pretty amazing and precious memories. One being my Dad taking me to the most famous hot dog place in our town called Remo’s.

Here is an article on a from a local news station eleven years ago.
Even better, here is the link to their Facebook page to get a true feel for the place!

I remember him picking me up and setting me on the stool at the counter and then ordering our hot dogs. Mine – regular hot dog ketchup only. His – footlong with sauce, pickles and sometime onions. Oh, and an RC cola for me.

It seems like yesterday we would go together. Just me and him. I don’t remember exactly how many times we went but I do remember just how special that time was and the love and memories forever engrained into my heart, mind and soul. Do I wish that over 40 years ago there had been cell phones for a selfie together? Maybe a little but would I have in my minds eye the whole picture? The feel of his strong hands lifting my little self upon those bar stools? The cold RC can? The calling him by name?

Saturday morning fishing dates with Pappy are some of Miss M’s most treasured memories and then off to Remo’s for a hot dog. Her – regular hot dog ketchup only. His – footlong with sauce, pickles and sometime onions. And grape Crush for her.

My Mom said to me once – “For him, it’s like having you back little again but now he can enjoy it.” Being the absolute hardest working man I will ever know, he had the time to do the Saturday morning fishing dates with a trip to Remo’s following and am I ever so very thankful.

It’s been over a year since either one of us has been to Remo’s…… Miss M said after Daddy’s passing that she wasn’t sure she would ever go back. I said – If you ever change your mind, maybe you and I can go together. She said – maybe someday….

Yesterday, was Daddy’s birthday. Someday came as Miss M and I made a lunch date to eat at Remo’s and celebrate a man who loved us both beyond any measure. We went to town and bought a cupcake and took it into Remo’s with us. I’m not going to lie, I was fine until I walked inside and told Rob and the gang behind the counter that it was Daddy’s birthday and we were there to celebrate. Rob said – tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. His dad being Remo. Wow ~ another connection. I love my small town. We didn’t even have to order – they just know. Miss M got her grape Crush from the cooler and said, “Pappy always got Diet Dr. Pepper”.  I said, “Then that is what I shall have today.”

Miss M went to claim “our booth”. The one where she and Pappy sat on Saturday mornings when they went. The one she would get a little huffy over if someone else was sitting in “their spot”. I was so nervous walking up to the door in a little fear that someone would be sitting there. And thank goodness no one was.

One Saturday, Dad called me and said – “Baby girl and I are going to Remo’s for lunch. Meet us in there if you would like.” Heck yeah! I definitely wasn’t going to pass that opportunity up! When I arrived, Miss M looked at me like “What are you doing here? This is our Remo thing.” He always laughed about it because she froze me out and understandably so!

I asked if they would take our photo and gladly did as such. We sat there with our hot dogs, Diet Dr. Pepper, grape Crush and a cupcake and took in the moment. The moment that two girls who loved one man with all of their hearts sat and ate hot dogs with ketchup and remembered. I held back the tears the best that I could. It all came back in that moment. Sweet, sweet moment. The feel of his strong hands lifting my little self upon those bar stools. The cold RC can. The calling him by name.

I sent out a text to Mom, GW, my brother and sister-in-law with photos marking our celebration. Not shortly after, Miss M’s phone rang. “Uncle Bub”, she said. Of course it was. Checking on his baby girl no less. She’s a tough one and is cut from the same cloth as her Pappy and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I asked her what she and Pappy would talk about – she said the horses and fishing. He taught her the love of fishing. A skill that will hold some of her fondest childhood memories forever. A skill that she will carry the rest of her life. When she went to middle school, she joined a fishing group called TU Teens of Gallipolis where she learned to fly fish. Another skill she will carry the rest of her life. She has stood in some of the most beautiful streams and rivers that I have ever seen. TU Teens is a group ran by one of our dearest friends, Shannon Mayes. He has the largest chapter in the nation in our small town. TU stands for Trout Unlimited. My Dad was a very proud supporter of TU Teens. To learn more about TU Teens and how you can support the youth in a lifetime skill, click here.

I am thankful for our trip to Remo’s to celebrate Pappy’s birthday with a couple of hot dogs, pops and a cupcake. Thankful for the memories. Two generations of strong ladies healing a little more yesterday than the day before. And proof once again that together, we can do anything and that the most simple things in life are some of the most treasured.

Happy Birthday Daddy & to Remo!

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  1. Fabulous story! I too grew up on Remos. My Grandma lived on third ave. I could walk over to Remos from her house to get our hotdogs. She always got it with everything! Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing your…❤️😁

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  2. My best memories was when it was called topsy turvy…that was way back thwre, my dad was head Baker at milsteads bakery and mom would take us to town with her to grocery shop and she would go get dads lunch there and we would have our lunch too…

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    1. Milstead’s Bakery was THE BEST!! My friends and I would walk there at lunch and get a custard filled eclair. I’ve never tasted one like it since!

      Thanks for sharing!!!!


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