Take Time to Slow Down

Rush here. Rush there. Do this. Do that. Thinking of that while I’m doing this. Story of my life. It really hit me yesterday as GW and I went to Columbus for a couple of nights to celebrate wedding weekend with family and friends.

We went to one of our favorite spots, Cooper’s Hawk Winery, at Easton for lunch and beverages. We were seating in an area off from the bar ~ not out in the dining area where we always eat ~ and it was nice and laid back. It was, I wasn’t unbeknownst to me. The sweet server came and asked what we would like to drink. GW ordered his and I handed her my wine club membership card and asked if I had any to pick up that I can never remember from trip to trip. She went to check and that took a while. She came back with the card and no drink for GW yet. I can see the bar from where I’m sitting mind you. She took off and came back – still zero beverage for GW and no wine for me. We had water and our bread so were weren’t without but we were ready to toast to a weekend getaway and the bride and groom elect.

I made the statement of – I can’t relax. I feel like I have to go go go hurry up and get somewhere. GW said – because that’s all we do. Go go go and hurry.

I had to de-program myself a little bit. I took a deep breath and just was – happy in the moment – not thinking about leaving point A to get to point D, E and F.

I changed my order from a glass to a bottle. And we sat. Sat and talked and caught up with each other. Sat and people watched. Sat and laughed. Sat and made a new memory. And it was good.

Lunch was wonderful. He had a huge Cowboy Burger and I had grilled chicken Cesar salad. And my fruit of choice ~ vino 🍷

We took the rest of the day and lived in the moments. And it’s good.

Checking into our hotel today, we had to wait. Early check in was taking a bit. So we sat. Sat and people watched. Sat and took in a game of soccer on the tv. Sat wishing we had a mimosa or a Starbucks. Mimosa – yes please. Didn’t happen.

Now we are getting ready for the wedding and looking forward of making new memories with family and friends and the new bride and groom.

God took this time to teach us to sit. Sit and enjoy. Sit and look around. Sit and be patient.

It’s been good.

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