15 Minute Writing Prompt Challenge

I have sat here for 2 hours thinking, contemplating, wondering, worrying and searching to do the 15 Minute Writing Prompt Challenge set upon fellow writers in a Facebook group in which we belong. Hell even Siri didn’t want to cooperate by setting a timer for 15 minutes. I am positive I am not doing it the way the others are or possibly going to do. That is part of my hang up. Comparing what I write, what I want to write and how I write to others and their writings. Even now as I type this, I am thinking about what someone might think about this. And it is so odd to me that I do this because in all other areas of my life I do not care about what other people think. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am respectful and kind and courteous but I do my own thing. Yet, here I am thinking, contemplating, wondering and worrying about what someone may or may not think about what I write or what I write about. As I sit here writing, I am searching within myself and going within trying to discover what has made me honestly care….. I believe the answer is social media. Where people are quick to bash the other for their thoughts. I have been bashed numerous times on a quick post. For instance, one I made several years ago about the wishfulness for a different restaurant in our little town. I remember I said ~ I wish Olive Garden would come to town. Oh man, that did it. How dare I desire something more than bar food around here. Don’t get me wrong. I love our local haunts. The food is quite delicious. However, I desire more for here. Options. Options would be fantastic. I still cringe as I recollect the post and the immediate word bashing I received. Another time, I was on a certain site (that I am not even going to give it any credit to) because I had been told that someone was talking about an organization I was a part of at the time. And it went from talking about said organization to me and what in the world is Small Town Country City Girl anyway. My heart stopped for a second. And there it was planted deep down the fear of what someone might think about my writing. Someone I don’t even know their true identity because they are too cowardly to put their real names. I reported the post only because they started in on my family. That is where I draw the line. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT talk about my family. All bets are off.

I just checked the time on my timer ~ the damn thing didn’t even start.

What does that mean exactly? Don’t worry about the countdown to completion? Just write….. which in that one typing of two words makes me reflect on my brother when he sings. I can remember numerous times coaching and encouraging him and mouthing the words ~ JUST SING. And when I did, he would let it go and sang like no one was listening. Maybe I need to write like no one is reading and JUST WRITE. Wow ~ oh wow. This 15 Minute Writing Challenge may have just changed a lot within myself. I do believe I just got excited about writing again. Thank you Michelle. Please check out her website by clicking here!




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