Thirteen months today to be exact. I can’t believe that a month has flown by since the marking of the year that my Dad went home. So many times I have wanted to sit down and write about that day. The love and support from friends who are more than friends ~ they are family ~ was unexpected and forever cherished.

Julie and I grew up on the same street in the best neighborhood ever. The kind of neighborhood that you stayed out until dark playing capture the flag, and kick the can while catching fireflies and listening to the call from our parents throughout the valley when it was time to come in for the night. She brought me a dragonfly candle cup with a candle that is on a timer. She is always so very thoughtful.

Ann…..my best friend. My sister. The one who knows me better than I know myself at times. She drove in from out of town. She lives two hours away now and has for the last 24 years. Distance hasn’t changed us. Not one little bit. Our calendars stay full like most others. That day was the only day she had nothing scheduled for the next six weeks and she was determined to be with me that day. And for that, I am so very thankful. That Saturday is also the first weekend my GW had had off since before Christmas. All in God’s perfect timing. Ann arrived with a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful note from her Mom and Dad. Ann brought Miss M and myself dragonfly pins. Miss M was in Tennessee so her Aunt Ann clipped it to her lampshade in her room for when she arrived back home. GW took us to town and we went to the florists and we bought a single red rose. I had looked for weeks for a wreath or a flag or something to place at The Garden. Nothing suited me. That single red rose did. We went to lunch and sat and talked and ate and laughed and cried a little. We all needed it. After lunch, we went to The Garden. I was so glad to be standing there with her. The last time we were there together the year before is a blur. An absolute blur. But that day 365 days after, will be in my heart and mind forever.

After getting back to our house, Morgan and Miss Harper stopped by. Those hugs were strong and meaningful and loved. We stood around our kitchen island and talked and laughed. Morgan understands and walked the walk with me for those six months and held me as I cried and listened to me and encouraged me and helped me hold it together at times I wasn’t sure that I could.

Then you have Shannon & Sandra ~ while at lunch they messaged GW and asked if they could fix us dinner. Ann had to head back home after visiting her parents so he accepted the invitation for us. When we arrived at their home, they had a table set up outside with linens and candles next to a fire in the fire pit. The setting ~ perfection. We sat down to dinner and while eating the hour that marked my Dad’s passing arrived and the chimes in the tree started chiming. Shear perfection. God is so amazing in allowing us to know that Daddy is forever with us all.

I cannot leave out the numerous text messages that I received throughout the day. The love ~ my goodness the love.

The day was perfectly orchestrated by God Himself. To sit back and watch the guidance of God’s Hand which led our footsteps all the day was gorgeous. We made it.

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