Is It Really March Already???

In like a lion March came. 60 MPH winds to be exact. I slept through it and glad that I did! I don’t mind storms but wind puts me on edge. We have some acreage and on the upper part, an old tree came down which will be perfect for nights by the fire pit.

I can’t believe I didn’t complete one single blog post in February. I started several….. just didn’t finish them or just didn’t feel what I had planned on writing February seemed to fly by. Did it for you too or is it just me? Today seemed to sail by as well. What causes that? So much on our minds and plates that the days slip by faster and faster?

Let me tell you what was fast last night…. the volunteer fire department that is who. We have lived in this house one month shy of 4 years. When we built this house, our smoke detectors are wired in with our security system. I have set the security system off several times when we first moved in during the “learning” phase. But last night….. was the first night I have set off the smoke detector while cooking. And remember ~ they are wired in directly with the security. With that said, I fixed salmon on the grill along with asparagus and I fixed scallops in the oven ~ under the broiler ~ with butter, sea salt and black pepper. This is the first time I have fixed them under the broiler like my best friend’s dad fixes his and I can promise you this, it was a first I will NEVER forget!

When I put the pan in the oven, I even thought to myself, I probably should put that on the second rack. But I didn’t listen to my gut and placed it on the upper rack…. always listen to your gut.

Miss M spent the night with my mom. GW had gotten home from work and was in the shower as I prepared dinner. I opened the oven door and the  butter was sizzling and a had smoked up the oven. Nothing burnt just smoke from the broiler and the sizzling butter. I turned on the exhaust fan on high. Looked up thinking oh crap where is the smoke detector. Ran to the kitchen window and rolled them out and as I bolted to the front door to open it to get some positive airflow through the house is when it hit ~ the smoke detector sounded off and the outside siren blared as well. I tried to put our code in to shut the siren off numerous times and out of fear and frustration I couldn’t get it to work. GW was like ~ what the hell is going on. I yelled ~ I set the smoke detector off! I called my brother who is on the FD in his district. No answer. I tried his wife. No answer. The neighbor called because they had heard our address come across the scanner. Then my brother called scared because he too heard our address come across his scanner. I called the FD to cancel any big trucks on their way. The dispatcher said ~ so it was from cooking….. yes, sir. Good gravy that was embarrassing. The Alarm Company called. I told them too it was from cooking….. they repeated it back. Good gravy that was embarrassing too. Then I see out the window a volunteer firefighter pulling in the driveway with his red light flashing on the dash. Man that was quick! GW went out to let him know all was well. He came in and said that it was policy for them to come on in and check. Good to know!! Then another came. This one I have known his whole life. I hugged him in the driveway. He said he heard the address and knew it was here. Small towns….. I sure love mine. I am just thankful the big trucks were halted before leaving base.

After GW and I came back in the house, I cried a little from embarrassment and in thankfulness. GW said he was glad it happened because we know it works and it works fast. Thankful for the quick response from the FD and Alarm Company, thankful that it wasn’t anything more than an over zealous broiler and butter who didn’t play well together ~ lesson learned ~ thankful for neighbors and a brother who responded within minutes as well.

I could barely eat after all of that but what I did have was really good but the wine was better hahahahaha!

Love my view
Pinot Grigio
Grilled Salmon
The little culprits

4 thoughts on “Is It Really March Already???

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  1. “ . . . an overzealous broiler and butter who didn’t play well together.” Behold a masterful mini-painting! Wordcolors, not watercolors. Keystrokes, not brushstrokes. Words that sizzle, stir, smoke, smell, satiate.

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  2. If it makes you feel better, I believe I’ve set off the smoke alarm almost every time I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner. It has actually become part of our tradition. I’m just lucky that it’s not connected to a security system, so no one knows other than my family! And don’t be too embarrassed; I’m sure the firefighters are quite used to false alarms and would probably much rather have one than the real thing!

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