Girls Trip to The Greenbrier River

Back in July, my bestie/sister (Ann), asked if I wanted to go on a long weekend girls trip with her, Mar June & four of her besties. After making sure my calendar was accommodating, I gladly responded ABSOLUTELY! The stars had aligned perfectly for us both to have the same weekend free and clear to take off! GW had the weekend off and Miss M didn’t have anything on her schedule that I would worry about missing or having to tell Ann no I couldn’t go. Hallelujah! Pack light she said. Seven of us will be going in her vehicle. Thankfully I rode shotgun!

After arriving in Hinton, WV, we stopped at Kroger to pick up some necessities and ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Perfect after a 3 hour car ride for me and a 5 hour car ride for the rest of them! Once we settled in at the camp, we ate and just hung out and discussed what the girls had in mind for the next couple of days. It rained and it rained A LOT. The 5 teens slept in the next day while Ann and I went to The Greenbrier for lunch at Draper’s and a little shopping. I had the Caesar Salad with Chicken. Y U M! The best part of the entire trip was spending time together. Time we hadn’t had in a long time due to kids, school events, work, husbands, family; well, you get it, L I F E. The rain didn’t dampen our day. We laughed and talked just like always. No matter how much time goes between phone calls, texts or visits, we always remain the same. That, is what true friendship and sisterhood is all about. My cellphone service is with AT&T and I had zero service the entire time we were at the cabin. Do you have any idea how nice it was without the ability to “check in” on Facebook, receive emails, texts or calls? Off the grid. Or until we went into the areas of AT&T cell service and then my phone went berserks! My family had a way of reaching me if needed is honestly the only reason I didn’t mind. I finished a book I had began while floating around in our pool this summer but never took the actual time to finish. The peace and the quiet from the outside world was beyond anything I could imagine.

After a wonderful day of touring, lunching, shopping, we stopped yet again at Kroger and bought some things to fix the girls a meal of pasta and sauce with salad and bread but of course with wine for us big girls! We dined on the back screened in porch and I still chuckle every time I think of Ann and I scrambling indoors when she heard something rustling outside! Some things never change!

Finally the rain let up enough that the girls could float down the Greenbrier River past the camp to the neighbor’s house then walk home. I believe it took them 3 hours. I bet those laughters are still echoing off the river banks and hills along with discussion of musicals like Hamilton, boys and their senior year and a couple of college freshmen.

Ann and I spent the day in Lewisburg where we lunched at Food & Friends. A quant little restaurant with the best Lobster Bisque I have had in a very long time. We wandered through the streets and shops saying oh my, look at this and that or awe boy I love this but there is zero room in the car to bring it home!

Dinner at Stuart’s Smokehouse was fun! Their sign out front read: COLD FOOD / WARM BEER / UGLY WOMEN. The our server carded me. And, yes, he received a very nice tip when we left. The place had an indoor and outdoor seating area where you could play corn hole or sit on stools overlooking the river. A very fun place to eat.

Our Friday to Sunday trip went fast, was much needed and forever cherished.

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