Where do people get off?

I just spent the last hour and 48 minutes on the phone with one of my closest and dearest friends talking about where do people get off thinking they can basically say anything and do anything to someone. Is it the social media era where people hide behind keyboards, monitors and hand held devices where they think they are “protected” and that feelings don’t exist?

I mean, during our conversation, I read a Facebook post from Whoa Susannah that made me literally laugh out loud and read it to my friend and stated that even if I have thoughts about someone or something (and I do and quite often I might add) I do not say it and why do people think that they can and why do they think people care??? Have people lost their ability to filter?  I love her response and wish I had a little more of that. Here it is:

Whoa Susannah- Susannah B. Lewis, Author

on Saturday

“Susannah, I read some of your blog posts tonight and found your overuse of adjectives distracting. Are you sure you’re meant to be a writer? Anyway, I won’t be reading anything else of yours.”

“I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. And please kiss my fat, wide, round, lily-white, 36-year-old butt.”


Why is it when someone begins to be successful in an area of their life, someone always tries to bring them down and not just down but beneath them a little. Is it fear? Is it greed? Is it jealousy? Is it all three? Is it more?

Is there a flaw of some sort within ourselves that we put off the vibe of you can say and or do whatever you feel and we will be ok with it in the end? I just ordered and received in the mail this day the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” What does that tell you about the current mood I am in? I honestly don’t care what people think yet I find myself at times wondering… wondering what someone else thinks of a lot of things… especially my writing. I have vowed to LET IT GO.

Do you feel that the more you do for someone / people the less they care? Care about you? Or are they out for what they can get and then move on to the next? I believe there are a lot of people who get what they can get and then move on to the next unsuspecting soul. That, in itself, is an entirely different story that I am sure I will touch on some other time. Not tonight. I’m tired. Did you see my previous post about my brother’s birthday dinner? It’s a good party when it takes 3 loads through the dishwasher to completely have everything clean and in it’s rightful place.




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