Grocery Shopping & Golf Courses

Everyone loves a Friday. All Fridays. Working for the weekend. Thankfully, I get to work from home. I get to make my own schedule as long as I get my work done. I officially have worked for Creative Arts Lifestyle a year as of yesterday (August 24th). Yesterday was also Aunt Barbara’s birthday, our puppy; COAL, turned a-year-old, GW & I started dating 15 years ago yesterday and will be married 15 years New Year’s Eve.

Today, GW and I went to the grocery store to prepare for family dinner and my brother’s birthday party on Sunday. We are now on the golf course. I’m driving the golf cart enjoying a beverage while watching him play golf listening to the sounds of other golf carts meandering around the course, airplanes landing at our local airport, the whack of a golf club as it makes contact with the golf ball and a train blowing its horn across the mighty Ohio River in West Virginia. Watching dragonflies, butterflies, and listening to the sounds of the cicadas in the trees. All the while laughing and enjoying this day thanking Jesus for the bounty that we hauled into our home and placed in the pantry and refrigerators. Also thanking Jesus for the time together making memories, never taking one second for granted. After this we will go to lunch and wait until it is time to pick up our little chick from school. Fortunately, she does not have Cross Country practice this day. So this evening, we are going to our friends’ house to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day porch sitting, watching the kids as they ride around the yard on dirt bikes and 4-wheelers all the while discussing life, our husbands, children, their futures and top it off with the planning of a girls weekend trip where we will try and decide to go to a posh spa, glamping or our favorite spot in Columbus to eat, drink and relish in one another’s company.


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