Small Towns ~ Love Them or Hate Them

As I dig back into some of my writings, I find that what I love to write about hasn’t changed – here is a little piece I wrote while I waited for my truck to be serviced.

~~Following this, I found a post that never got published so I shall add it to the end – titled – Small Town Saturday Morning~~

Small towns ~ love them or hate them they most generally are all the same. I like walking into an establishment I haven’t been in for probably a few years to have my truck tires aligned and the gentlemen met me at the door and took my keys without even asking my name ~ he just knew.

I feel unless you’re causing your name to be known in unflattering light why would you hate a small town? I love that people “hate it here” but NEVER LEAVE. I’ve left and came back on two difference occasions. I missed HOME. I like to travel but I always like coming home just as much.

I’m trying to teach Miss M that home is what you make it. No, there isn’t a lot to do here. That’s why I am in so many things. To give back and to create. Small towns can be as exciting or as boring as you make them. I choose to try and create excitement. I’ve learned too that people can complain there isn’t anything to do and then you create something to do and they still don’t come. I can give you something to do but I’m not going to drag you there or beg you to come.

The small town he said she said and how fast rumors spread is all YOU make it to be. If you don’t get involved, start or create drama then there won’t be anything to discuss in a negative light now will there? Fly above all the drama! Be the better guy or gal! Watch how peaceful your life becomes!

I’m going to sit here by the toasty glow of the space heater and wait for my truck to be finished with its alignment.

Have a blessed day!



This morning, Miss M and I went to town to purchase her BFF a birthday card and a gift for their sleepover this evening. Afterwards, we went for a walk. The City Park was beginning to fill up with cars on display for the Car Show. The Lions Club held a pancake breakfast this morning too.

We saw a friend of ours and stood around and talked about our weekend plans and the fact that school begins not too long from now. As we talked, another friend pulled in and joined our conversation. I received a text message from a local business stating that the shirts I had ordered for our PTO were in (and ahead of schedule I might add). I replied that we were walking and I didn’t have the payment for the shirts on me. He said ~ so, come get them.

I said to Miss M as we walked how nice it was to come to town, walk and have people wave hello as they passed or even stop for a chat. Then to have the ability to go into a store and pick up ordered items with the ability to pay for them later. You don’t just get that anywhere. And I know too that it depends on the person picking up said items as well. To be known as an honest and trustworthy person means so much.

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