Living Well

One of my “famous” sayings is “If you’re not busy, you’re not living.  So I must be living really well!” 

I am very thankful for all the opportunities that I get to partake in.  My family (mostly my Mom & GW) tell me that I don’t give myself enough credit.  I don’t think about the things I do as responsibilities.  More like opportunities to give back of what I’ve been so blessed with.  Time is a luxury.  I do, however, manage to fill my days and sometimes have to search for time to do more. 

This coming week is hectic as is the following.  But I am so very thankful that I am able to do what I do for those I love and for my community.  Today, Miss M has 4H and will be working on our booth for the fair and discussing the Cloverbud activities during the fair week.  I am so glad that we switched 4H clubs this year.  She actually did more in the first two meetings than she did all the previous year in 4H.  Their last community service event will be serving dinner for the fair board one evening this week.  Looks like Momma gets to make something yummy for her to take! 

Tuesday is the 25th Anniversary Celebration of our City Pool.  Gallipolis Junior Women’s Club was a big instrument in getting the pool put in for our city.  It’s neat that I am President of GJWC this year as the pool turns 25.  My brother and I spent lots of time at the pool since the year after it opened I became a licensed driver.  He was 12.  Now I’m taking my little one to the ceremony and ribbon cutting and representing GJWC as President.  I feel blessed.  That evening GJWC will be hosting a pool party for our family & friends.  A nice time for us all to get together as summer winds down and we prepare for the fair. 

The fair ~ as President of GJWC this year.  It is my responsibility to give out our Community Service Award to one of the Fair Queen Candidates.  Our committee will gather one night this week and go over essays sent in by the candidates regarding their community service projects this past year.  We have no idea who they are as we are reading and discussing them until we come to a final recipient and then it is revealed who the young lady is.  I am honored to give out this award and hope that Miss M is proud of me as she watches her momma go up on stage to announce the award winner.  There will be hundreds of people there but only one that I am nervous about watching me and hoping I don’t stumble over my words ~ Miss M. 

This week also entails Miss M and I going to the eye doctor.  She has been with me before but this will be her first official check up by an ophthalmologist.  She won’t like the dilating of her eyes and I hate that for her.  I must remember to take her sunglasses! 

We are building a house too ~ in our spare time ~ as I chuckle at the spare time part.  I don’t mind though.  It is ours and when it is finished, it’s finished!  It is being built with love by my Daddy doing our excavation and my GW doing the carpentry.  I am a lucky gal!  This week we are looking at getting pricing on siding and deck boards. 
Work In Progress!

We are also celebrating two little miracles this weekend as they turn 3 years old!  I still can’t believe they are going to be 3!  It seems like this morning when I received a text message standing at my kitchen sink from my Aunt Barbara which stated ~ I’m a Granny.  I get choked up just thinking about it!  August is birthday month for this family!  The twins were even born on my Mom’s birthday and the day before their Uncle’s birthday.  PARTY ~ PARTY ~ PARTY!  It also marks the end of summer and the start of school.  I can’t believe as well that my little one will be in 2nd grade ~ talk about time flying by. 

Another HUGE accomplishment this weekend is that of my brother auditioning for THE VOICE in Nashville, TN!  He never ceases to amaze me as to when he puts his mind to something. He will have to go through 3 auditions before making it to the show.  I say half the battle is even getting an audition!  I couldn’t be more proud.  I hope he remembers his big little sister when he’s a BIG STAR!  Especially since I started a business called Black Shirt Entertainment just to promote him!  When you’re family ~ you’ll do anything to help those you love!  I hope that all who read this blog will pray for him this week!  Here he is singing a cover song by Eric Church ~ Drink A Little Drink Smoke A Little Smoke ~
I get choked up every time I watch him.  I’m so proud of him!!!!  I love you brother!  

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