I’ve been looking for my next adventure and thanks to my favorite aunt, Barbara, whom I admire and trust with everything, sent me an email 7/20 at 11:45 p.m. that stated START A BLOG.  I replied ~ ABOUT WHAT?  And being the smart lady she is ~ she left it up to ME to figure out.  So I believe I will write about MY EVERYTHING. 

My everything would consist of what is most important to me ~ my family.  We are an interesting bunch.  My Dad always says ~ I could write a book and it would be a best seller.  I would definitely change the names! 

I tried FB and it got to be way too much drama for this momma.  I turned 40 this year and graduated high school 22 years ago.  I have no plans of ever going back to high school so why would I want to read about and get involved in drama as if we were back in high school?  NO THANK YOU!

I have been “retired” for almost 8 years now.  Which is when my life actually began.  My daughter, Miss M as I call her, was born.  I tell her every day she is my everything.  And she is.  I wouldn’t trade this “job” for any other in the world. 

I am married to the most amazing man, Greg.  Our anniversary is New Years Eve ~ the same as my parents.  This year we will be married 9 years.  My parents ~ 45.  They say a girl marries a man most like her father.  I did.  He loves me unconditionally.  GW works so very hard to provide for his family and wouldn’t have it any other way than for me to stay home with the Princess. 

My parents ~ can’t say enough about them so you will read about them a lot.  I am a Daddy’s girl & love my Momma with all my heart.  I thank God every day that He gave me to them. 

My brother ~ PDWII ~ married this Summer to an amazing woman.  Our family is complete.  Like my parents, you will read a lot about them and their babies as well. 

I love Italian food and a good glass of wine.  I love to cook and entertain my family.  I’ve even contemplated writing a cookbook in my search for a new adventure.  We will see ~

I am President of the Gallipolis Junior Women’s Club this year and have enjoyed it even though I was concerned about my role as leader for over 50 women!  It’s been amazing the work we do throughout the year giving back to our community.  I feel we make a difference. 

I think that is good for now as I learn about this “blog thing”.  It will be interesting to see where I start and where it goes.  I hope you enjoy this ride with me. 

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