2022 ~ Thank You ~

The beginning of the year is a blur. I started off with great intentions of posting every day – that lasted a big five days. With McKenzie’s graduation in May, we worked hard to secure all of the things she desired for her celebration. We lived in the moments clear through the day of graduation. It is still hard to believe that I am the mother of a high school graduate and now the even more proud mom of a college freshman. College suits her. We found her senior prom dress in January. And, when I say that dress was made for her – it was made for her. She didn’t have a date but went anyway. She never ceases to amaze me. Best Dressed Boutique asked her to do a social media campaign for them and she had fun doing so.

We went to the Biltmore over our spring break. What an amazing place to see. We definitely want to go back. I travelled to Maryland in July, August and November. Our annual girls trip in July. We took the guys with us in August and back again in November with McKenzie. It was so much fun! We had 4 inches of snow and it was perfect!! For McKenzie’s senior trip, she flew to Destin, Florida for a quick getaway. She and I are going to go back together. Our spring break doesn’t match up in 2023 so hopefully a summer trip for the two of us.

On April 22nd, we surprised McKenzie with a new car for graduation. We had been looking at cars for a while though she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted. We took my car to Dublin for service and I pulled up their website just to pass the time and we saw one that she had an interest in. It was raining that day and it wasn’t the most ideal time to look at cars. The next week, I overheard her say to Greg – I wish I had looked at that car more. I texted him from the other room and said – call tomorrow and see if it’s still available. Thank goodness it was and the rest is history!

Graduation in May of 2022 was fantastic. We had perfect seats and the perfect view of our best girl. She was so ready to be finished with high school. We had her graduation celebration on June 3rd. Thirty three years to the day of my high school graduation. She wanted to wear the dress I wore to my graduation to her party. I was so honored for her to do so. The morning of her graduation party, McKenzie cut off her hair and donated it once again. We told no one about her hair cut and surprised everyone that day.

M started hostessing at Courtside in July. She really stepped out of her comfort zone but she is killing it as I knew she would. I was featured on an online magazine for French City Society. Mom, McKenzie and I had an amazing photo shoot together with Jessica Malone Portrait.

Summer was so hot this year that we only ate outside at the big table ONE time.

Our oldest horse, City Girl, became ill and we lost her in August. I chose to re-home our other horse, Baby. We had rescued Baby when she was very young. She and City were perfect companions and it wasn’t fair to Baby to keep her all alone.

Summer slipped right on by as I went back to work the first week of August. I was moved to another building to fill a vacancy from a retirement. To say it is a lot is an understatement. I am doing the job of two. I am built for it, however, it takes a toll on me most days. I am mentally exhausted by the time I get home. This Christmas break was much needed. It has caught up with me though. I ended up with a cold and I haven’t been sick in YEARS blessedly. Five hundred and one students to keep track of on the daily. It. Is. A. Lot. I’ve been told that an outside company has heard of me and I have a position with them should I want it. Can’t say I haven’t considered it – and may yet. It’s a honor just to know that I have another option. McKenzie started college studying Communications and love, love, loves it!! Her blog can be followed by clicking here.

Yellowstone Birthday Theme for the 19th!!

Our town was featured on The Today Show as one of the Merriest Main Streets with our Gallipolis In Lights display. Greg and I went to Courtside early and met our friends Cov and Chelsea before making our way over to the park in the freezing temps. The local news station WSAZ was in town to do the live remote. Anchor Taylor Eaton and I spoke after the segment which gave me the opportunity to tell her about McKenzie and her desire to go into television. She even spoke to M on the phone and gave her pointers of what to do now while she is in college that no one told her would be beneficial before graduating college. Priceless.

We missed Christmas with my brother and his family. He had the flu and several others weren’t well. We gathered at Mom ‘s NYE morning.

New Years Eve marked twenty years of marriage for us. We had plans of doing Christmas with our Angels and Whobreys then watching the OSU game at The Colony but plans were changed to next week so Greg and I had dinner at Courtside. McKenzie ate with us and then went upfront to hostess at 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. We came home and turned on the OSU game and I fell asleep. I awoke to a Happy New Year text from my Momma 🖤.

Happy New Year from our home On The One Four One to yours! XOXO ~ PGWW

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  1. It looks to me as if you had a great year! I remember when I believed that you had to post every day to have a successful blog, but that just isn’t true. Real life gets in the way, and really should come first. And that’s okay! Happy New Year!!!

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