Early Riser

I’ve always been a night owl and an early riser. What I haven’t always been great at is making myself go to the gym. Never needed to being naturally thin my entire life. Then life happens – birth of my girlie in my 30s, then the discovery of a low acting thyroid after trying to get into a workout routine // running and walking 30 to 40 miles a week and not losing but gaining will knock the wind right out of those sails – thus the discovery of the low acting thyroid // then the passing of my Daddy almost two years ago. And let’s not forget my passion for wine.

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So – I got out of my comfort zone and hired a trainer. I don’t know all of the machines, the settings, reps, how much weight is the right amount and so on – but she does. And as much as the devil has tried whispering in my ear that I’m weak, the weight should be gone after one session with her ( yeah right but who doesn’t expect it? We’ve all see the memes ) can’t find your keycard to get in? No problem, go home. Oh yeah, it’s in your coat pocket you wore two days before thank you JESUS. I said out loud that morning – I REBUKE THEE SATAN. Things started clicking after that. Try that the next time things don’t feel right. When you’ve dropped everything you’ve picked up. When you feel that anger welling up from within. REBUKE THEE SATAN.

By no means am I fat, I am however, out of shape and that’s far worse to me than the other.

If you are fighting your own self from within your mind – do something for yourself to make the change you desire.

And if you’re looking for a trainer, I’ll definitely recommend mine. 🖤


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  1. I can completely relate! I struggled so hard before I found out about 3 years ago I have hypothyroidism and hashimotos. There were days and sometimes still are that I am tired from the time I get up until I go back to bed where I toss and turn. I push myself to get up and moving everyday because by golly until I can’t I will 😊. Keep up the work my friend you’re doing great! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. It’s unreal how you feel prior to finding out isn’t it?!! I have learned that I cannot take Synthroid or the generic version of it. I felt worse and changing the dosage didn’t help either. My physician changed me to Armour Thyroid and I am ever so thankful!!

      Thank you for your kind words!!! Blessings to you!!


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