Blessed in the Chaos

Well, hello!
It’s been a hot minute since we’ve talked! What have I been doing you ask? It’s almost easier to tell you what I HAVEN’T been doing. Blessed In The Chaos for sure!

Since our last chat, we’ve had a 16 year old birthday party for my niece. She then hit a deer the next day in her new car and tore it up pretty badly. THANKFULLY, she was fine. Her car on the other hand….. Metal can be replaced ~ she can’t be.


We had a total of three different homecoming events to attend.

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Attended a surprise 40th birthday party for a close family friend, a wedding and a reception for another. I cooked for forty men at the Gun Club that my husband and brother are members of in which “they” have to cook once a year with the “they” meaning ME.


The nephew went on to play in the OVC championship game. Not bad for his freshman year.


We had a gender reveal and first anniversary party for my niece and her husband. IT’S A GIRL!!!


Family Dinner was stepped up by the niece insisting everyone dress up in costume for the dinner.

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I started a new women’s organization called French City Society click HERE to learn more! French City Society is based off of 100 Women of Westerville which was based off of 100+ of Licking County which come to find out the founder of that group is from my hometown and her mother belongs to my group! Talk about full circle!! All of this in the month of October! I know I am missing some things but…… 


November my nephew and my daughter both turned 15 within four days of each other. We put up a total of 9 trees in our home this year. I love this time of year with all of the decorations and lights. It’s so comforting. 

Our annual park lighting is the night before Thanksgiving a tradition that we began four years ago called Gallipolis In Lights. Check out the photos and events of GIL by clicking HERE which will take you to the Facebook page. I can proudly say that my daughter and I were on the ground floor of this organization and told her the very first meeting – I know I am taking you to yet another meeting of mine but when you are older and should you choose to have children of your own, you will bring them to the park lighting one day and say – I was at the very first meeting and many more after helping to begin Gallipolis In Lights. Our town is even listed as the number 1 place on in their Christmas In These 10 Ohio Towns Looks Like Something From A Hallmark Movie article! 

Gallipolis In Lights
Photo Courtesy of: Riverboat Captain, Jamie Willis, while passing Gallipolis on the Ohio River.

Speaking of Facebook, I have bravely started a Facebook page where I hope to be better at sharing my love of my community, my writing, and all things family, friends, thoughts, food and wine. 

Sunday night is our family’s annual Polar Express night where we will have soups, gourmet hot chocolate, cookies and of course the showing of Polar Express. I love that even though the kids are getting older with one being married and having a baby of her own, that they still want to keep with the traditions that I started when they were little. I can’t wait to have a little one around next year!!! 

All that is left is to finish up a little bit more shopping, some wrapping, baking and enjoying the rest of this year with family and friends. I pray for love and peace within your homes this holiday season and the year to come.


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