When People Disappoint

Have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever disappointed someone? We all have been there in our lives. I believe it is how you deal with the disappointment is what is important. For myself, when decisions have been made that were out of my control; I chose to stand up, brush myself off and move forward. Though I was so very disappointed my biggest fear was that of disappointing my Dad and my Mom.

There are some days that I wonder if I am even over the disappointment. And I honestly can say beyond a shadow of a doubt – no I am not. The hurt. The pain. The memories. The good. The bad.

I probably think about it way too much if I am being honest. The years involved are long. The memories are deep. The hurt – like a wound that won’t heal and sore. Every once in a while it gets bumped ever reminding it still exists.

But what to do about it? How to release it? How to profit from it? That, I am working on.

I feel like I need to add more to this in explanation of what I mean by all of this yet I am learning that I do not need to explain everything I know and/or feel. I am me. I will have the last word. I promise you that. I’m sure there are some who know me will read into this way more than needs to be. Don’t. Please just don’t. This is very cathartic. Maybe exactly what I need……just may be exactly what I need.

This week, multiple situations have prompted me to work on my thoughts about disappointment. I have zero doubts that I too have disappointed some people. Never intentional. Yet, I know that I have. Which leads me to the what I’ve witnessed this week and last with not just words that are of the spoken manner but words of actions. I think words of actions speak more loudly than those of the actual spoken word themselves. Do desperate people do desperate things? Jealousy is definitely a factor in decisions in which disappointments are caused.

I think I’ll just sit here and smile and wave. Just smile and wave.

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