Fathers of the Bride

**** I started this blog post on October 16th without finishing it as this story of my niece has went national!

Saturday, October 14, 2017, my niece, Mikayla, married her best friend, Dakota. It was quite the fairytale wedding and one that has been in the making for about 15 years.

I think I have mentioned to you before that in this family we don’t use the word “step” when referring to parents, daughters, sons, or nieces. With that said, my niece became a part of my life 8 years ago when her mom married my brother. She is the daughter of a fallen officer who died in the line of duty while in pursuit of a suspect who ran from him and then jumping into the Ohio River.

David coached Mikayla and Dakota in basketball from a very early age.


David is never far from any of our thoughts and always in our hearts.

After my brother and she had their Father / Daughter Dance, David’s law enforcement brothers surprised Mikayla with a dance in David’s honor. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.


Click the link below to watch this magnificent tribute. https://www.facebook.com/Ohiogoingblue/videos/1933524596913710/

I am proud and honored to say that these men protect my City, County and State every single day. With that dance, my niece’s day was absolutely complete.

Our local news interviewed her first. Watch here

Then ABC interviewed her! Watch here

Then Good Morning America! Watch here with close to 2 MILLION views!

There isn’t much more I can say because this story alone speaks volumes and pictures are worth a thousand words.






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