Making Each Day Count

This past weekend was packed full of activities much like any other day of the week in my world. Meetings, cross country meet, outdoor music festival in our beautiful downtown City Park and a Sunday full of shopping, a lunch date with my GW and dinner with friends.

I have always said if you aren’t busy you’re not living and I must be living well. Are there times I wish the calendar was empty? Sure who doesn’t? My philosophy is that we are given one life. One day at a time and to making them count. Not full of busy stuff but full of memories.

This weekend wasn’t the easiest for Miss M to prepare for her run as last year this time, my Dad (aka Pappy) came to her meet. It was the only one he made it to due to work and such. He wasn’t standing there this past Saturday when she rounded out of the wooded area and across the bridge. A dragonfly passed her as she came off the bridge so yeah ~ he was there.

My brother, sister-in-love, GW and myself were there cheering her on and she kicked ass. She melted a minuted and 40 seconds off her time from last year. Mawmaw sat up on the hill so she could see the entire course. My best friend/sister’s mom came. Miss M is loved beyond measure with a support team that surpasses most. She made it. We made it. We are stronger for it. Together, we can do anything.


This morning, I met up with a childhood friend and we walked. Almost 4 miles to be exact through our small town and along the mighty Ohio River taking it all in. We both have been in a rut to where we are not motivated at all to walk and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I knew I had to meet her at 8 am this morning, I would have most definitely talked myself out of it.

We walked around our beautiful small town and discussed a multitude of topics. It was almost as if we were racing to get our thoughts out to one another. Afterwards, when we parted ways, I told her to make talking points for in the morning! We had such a good time!! I look forward to tomorrow’s 4 miles!

Moments of time are to be cherished as they can never be replaced. Making the most of the time we all have together is what counts. Whether it is walking, attending a music festival and interacting with people whom you haven’t seen in a while and catching up on our lives, or making the time for lunch, dinner, whatever, make them count! Put the phones away. Look up and around this big beautiful world. Don’t always text. Pick up the phone. Make the call. Interact. Sure texting is fine. Let’s face it, it’s a part of life. It is easy to say good morning, I’m thinking of you, have a great day and on and on when you don’t have the time to make the call. Let people know you are thinking of them. Make a difference! Don’t settle!!



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