Impromptu Day Out with my GW

My brother invited Miss M to ride in his fire truck in our annual Christmas Parade. GW & I ate at a local establishment, the Colony Club, that opened last year when they (friends of ours) took an old movie theatre and turned it into a restaurant. To watch the transformation was so amazing to watch remembering the theatre as a child. Bub picked Miss M up at the Colony Club and headed to line up for the parade. 

GW and I walked up the street to meet friends for our annual Christmas Parade watch. 

Many fiends were busy or out of town but we still had a great time getting into the Christmas spirit as friends and family passed by on the parade route. Including my niece, Miss Gallia County 2016!! 

After the parade, GW and I went to the Elks and met more friends then went to a friend’s house where they played cards for hours and then went to another friend’s of ours establishment, Courtside, for a late dinner which consisted of steaks, baked potatoes and green beans for me. 

A wonderful day that began with zero plans and ended with such fun. 

Sometimes the least planned days are the most fun. 



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