You know what they say about opinions ~

Over the last few days, I have really thought about opinions. Why is it that people feel the need to have an opinion about your opinions? It seems like in this day and age with social media that people are more apt to “attack” you for your thoughts, beliefs and opinions. Almost to the point that I second guess posting or sharing what I want to. Which comes back to my hamper in writing. For “fear” of what others will think.

I have never cared what others have thought about me. Whether it be about guns, religion, what I believe marriage is and or should be, and politics. Why is it now so easy to attack others? Because they are “hiding” behind a screen and a keyboard?

I was “questioned” this past weekend about something I shared on Facebook and it really struck a nerve with me. And rather let it go because we were in a public setting, I actually stood up for myself and MY opinion. So I suggested to unfollow, unfriend or block me all together. I have never spoke out against what someone has shared because they are entitled to their thoughts. All of us are different. Isn’t that what keeps this world going? If we were all of the same opinion that would get quite boring.

I love how, too, that if I share my thoughts on marriage some would be “offended” yet some can bash guns and our 2nd Amendment rights. No one, and I mean no one, is perfect. Myself included. However, if an adult feels “shamed” for their belief on certain matters, I can’t imagine what young people are having to put up with.

I wonder if I actually shared everything that comes across my newsfeed that I think is a valid statement of my own opinion, just how many “friends” I would lose?

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