Quotes & Life & Things Taken For Granted

I read a couple of quotes this morning ~

“True strength is delicate.” ~ Louise Nevelson

“It’s the good girls who keep diaries.  The bad girls never have time.” ~ Tallulah Bankhead

I laughed when I read about the diaries one especially since I’ve been trying out “this blog thing”.  I haven’t written in a few days ~ does that mean I’m a bad girl?  Hhhhmmmm….

Tuesday was a fabulous day making memories with my Miss M.  The pool party went great and she was allowed to go down the big slide at the City Pool if her Uncle Bub was at the bottom waiting on her.  I drove him to that pool for 4 years until he got his license.  Those years paid off watching him with Miss M in the same pool.  She will tell you that she went down that slide like 20 times!  She’s so little she flew down it and that I didn’t like!

Wednesday I was awoke by my wonderful brother standing by the bed with the newspaper in hand proud as could be with the photos of Miss M and me at the ribbon cutting for the pool.  He couldn’t wait to get it to us.  Nice to know that I can make him proud too.

After running through the next few days in my head and mental calendar, I decided to have the family over for dinner to celebrate GW receiving his license to operate river boats and to wish my brother good luck for his audition of  “The Voice” on Saturday in Nashville.  The kids swam and we ate.  It was a nice evening.  Even though the transmission went out on my brother’s truck on his way here and later finding out that he and GW had put diesel fuel in Dad’s lawnmower instead of regular gas.  Let’s just say my Dad laughed today but wasn’t yesterday.  It was totally a mix up in gas cans but still doesn’t fix the mower….

Today Miss M & I went to the eye doctor for her first visit and a recheck for myself.  Thinking this was going to be an in and out thing (never think that before you go into any doctor’s office) we were there from 10:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.  I can’t explain to you how I felt as she read the chart with her right eye and sailed right through it.  Then came the left eye ~ no sailing through that chart.  After much more testing, we came out with a brand new pair of glasses ordered for her.  I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS EVER!  I have taken for granted over the years just how blessed we have been with good health for her.  She has only been sick 3 times in 8 years.  PRAISE YOU JESUS!  Her sight can be corrected with glasses and let me tell you how “fashionably smart”, as her Aunt Ann says, she looks.  With her hair pulled up she looks like an attorney!  And we have had some pretty fabulous attorneys come out of this family.

My Dad has been on me since Tuesday about seeing about the same issue with my eyes has he had corrected that same day.  I now understand his instance on my going to see about mine.  And now have an appointment being made with the surgeon.

Last night the Community Service Committee of GJWC chose a fair queen candidate as our community service award winner.  After dinner and choosing, we went to the park and sat for another couple of hours and visited with one another.  It was great.  So blessed to have met these ladies and now call them friends.

It will be telling if I am going to be a good girl or a bad girl these next few days by whether or not I get to update my blog!

Until then ~ xoxo

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