2018 in Southeast Ohio started off cold, cold, cold. Negative 5 to be exact. The highest it reached today was 17. It’s January, it’s Winter, what else does one expect? Don’t you just love the posts on Facebook – over the cold – over Winter – blah blah blah. Then when it’s Summer it’s – over the heat – it’s too hot – blah blah blah. Dumb.

Of course, I prepared cabbage this day for the New Year. I love traditions.

This evening the most beautiful moon rose above the hill. I just wish I could’ve gotten a better photo.

It’s been a great day. GW went back to work after being on vacation for a week. Miss M spent the weekend with her aunt and uncle. Reluctantly, she came home this day. She loves being with them. Back to school on Wednesday barring the roads are clear and the temps are a little higher.

2018 – I welcome you. Let’s kick some ass together.

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