Christmas Shopping

What do you buy the people in your life who have everything they need - PRAISE JESUS  - and get whatever else they want when they want it?  My parents are the most generous parents you'll ever meet (except yours I'm sure 😉). I always say I'll never live long enough to pay them back... Continue Reading →

Three Weeks Without Facebook

November 20, 2015; I deactivated my Facebook account. My husband and I were headed out of town to get a start on our Christmas shopping and I decided that I wasn't fully in the moment with my family at times because I would have my phone out checking Facebook. GW said it was a habit... Continue Reading →

She Loves Me Anyway

I had written this a while ago in one of my many thoughts about people and the world. It still holds true to this day. I'm not easy on Miss M ~ but she loves me anyway. I make her mind ~ she loves me anyway. I teach her the difference between right and wrong... Continue Reading →

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