Snow to Sunshine

For over a month, the ground has looked like this Today it's this Yep ~ I'll take it. God is all powerful & I love the change of seasons. Reminds us we are ever alive.

Snowy months & long weekends

Between all the snow, 2 hour school delays, school cancelations, and Federal holidays, I have completely lost track of what day it is! I woke up thinking today was Monday and even wrote about it. Sitting in the drive thru of McDonald's this morning it hit me ~ it's TUESDAY NOT MONDAY! Hurried and corrected... Continue Reading →


The signs say Spring is calling! I'm ready to answer! The ground has been snow covered for over a month. It sure will be a gorgeous new season once it does arrive!

Hello ~

Welcome to a my little place on the world wide web where I plan on sharing my thoughts, sights, sounds and tastes. I love God, my family, living in a small town, music, food and wine. I am proud to say I grew up in Gallipolis, Ohio and love Gallia County. I take pride in my... Continue Reading →

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