1st Day of 2nd Grade

What an amazing journey it has been to this day.  7 years ago today (also my favorite Aunt's birthday) my little baby girl took her first steps.  And today my baby started 2nd grade and is extremely excited about being there.  She went to bed wiggling and giggling about how excited she was for this day. ... Continue Reading →


Thursday I spoke with my cousin for 1 hour and 45 minutes until either her cell phone battery went out or AT&T let me drop yet another call.  We spoke about our babies going back to school, empty houses, parents and worry.  She is absolutely amazing.  She deals with more on an every day basis than... Continue Reading →

So Very Loved

Miss M & I woke up Wednesday to a message that was left the day before from the eye doctor that her glasses were ready to be picked up.  I told her and she was so excited and asked if we could go get them.  I said sure after Momma gets a shower.  I had ordered... Continue Reading →

People ~ Rude & Not So Much

AT&T ~ For some reason, I no longer have service where I have always had service.  I also keep dropping calls.  I called them and they said we don't know why you keep dropping calls and we don't know why you don't have service where you have always had service ~ no towers are down. ... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

Never thought it would happen this early since I had such big plans and ideas for this blog!  I keep hearing in my head my Aunt Barbara saying ~ don't hold back ~ it's more interesting reading that way.  I then think why am I writing?  Who cares?  And then I realize it is such... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained

An update on The Voice auditions ~ they said come back next year.  I was told people were there who sang like the Angels and they told them the same.  Who knows what they are looking for ~ wonder if they even know. 

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